The Healing Ability of Turmeric


Turmeric is a root plant that has the ability to heal and cure hundreds of illnesses.  There really isn’t enough time or paper to credit all of its attributes!  However, we hope this which is being presented to you is well received.  We all may know turmeric is used in curry dishes.  But did you know it is used as a cure for diabetic retinopathy and cancer?  

It has been used for over 2,500 years in India.   The Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF) in Chennai, India reports that  curcumin, an ingredient found in turmeric, blocks the development of diabetic retinopathy, an eye disorder common among diabetics that leads to blindness if untreated. There is also a remedy for diabetes by combining the following herbs: amla, tinospora, and turmeric in equal portions.  

Researchers at Rutgers University have done extensive research, and their findings suggest that curcumin, contains cox2 pain inhibitors –  anti inflammatory substances that have the ability to reduce pain and also stop cancer cells from developing.  This makes turmeric a natural cancer fighter.  Turmeric is  anti-arthritic, aids digestion,  has anti-tumor capabilities, and it’s an antioxidant.  Researchers were also amazed by the fact that turmeric has anti-amyloidal (alleviates plaque), anti-ischemic (protects against constriction of blood vessels, thins blood), removes plaque and its buildup from veins and arteries, which is helpful for Alzheimer’s, detoxifies blood, increases immunity, and it helps fight against harmful chemicals from household cleansers, cigarette smoke, etc.  It also removes environmental toxins which occur daily from overhead spraying.

Adding turmeric to milk is a very common cure-all.  Here are a few recipes; boiled milk (always use organic milk), and turmeric are an excellent combination.  This duo is used to cure the following illnesses:

1.  Colds and flu

2.  Fever

3.  During 9th month of pregnancy, it helps to make for an easier delivery

4.  Strengthens bones, (drink before bed)

5.  Turmeric mixed with yogurt is good to remove stretch marks

6.  It aids digestion, indigestion, and increases the metabolism

7.  To relieve the pressure of a swollen uterus after childbirth, brown 1 level teaspoon of turmeric in            a pan, add ½ cup milk and 1tb of jaggery (unrefined whole molasses)

Dental Problems

*Equal portions of powdered turmeric, powdered cloves and guava leaves; make this into a paste by adding water and use as a tooth paste

*Scorch powdered turmeric in a pan and add equal amounts of ajwain, available in middle eastern groceries.  Grind this mixture into a powder and brush teeth with this.  Both mixtures are good for bleeding gums and loose teeth.

Anti -Fungal

Mix Neem leaf powder, turmeric powder, and basil powder together for a strong and natural anti fungal agent.  These herbs can be used together or separately.  This mixture is good for ringworm, fungal toes, and skin rashes.  Add water to the mixture and make a paste apply to the skin.

Joint swellings

1.  Make a poultice of gram flour, mustard oil, and turmeric

2.  Turmeric, salt and ghee

3.  Turmeric and lime water

4.  Turmeric, salt, and Mustard oil

Turmeric is an important and invaluable herb to have.  It should be propagated in every garden. Do the research and see how you can add it to your herbal garden.  We know that most of the herbs and vegetables in grocery stores are now genetically engineered.  Ginger, garlic and onions are all tampered with.  There are now cloned animals in the marketplace, so we really need to speed up our search.  We want natural food only for optimum health.  Share your findings with us, so that the information can be dispersed.   The medications today are very harmful, and they often block spiritual healing.  Drug companies are making synthetic versions of natural food.  The ingredient cox2 has been duplicated.  The synthetic version is going by the names of Celebrex and Vioxx.  Both of these medications are extremely expensive, and their side effects, in most cases, are deadly.  Natural sources of pain relieving and anti-inflammatory cox2 are:  ginko leaves, skullcap, Oregon rape, boswellia, chamomile, green tea, feverfew, ginger, and many more.   If a tree, leaf or root can cure you, then why NOT use it?  Allah Ta Ala created us of the earth and we will return to the earth.  Live as close to the earth as possible in order to benefit from its blessings.

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The turmeric plant and shoot will beautify your garden and landscaping.