Deadly Food Scares: Vital Facts About Food Safety



Our Merciful and Ever-Watching Allah, The Most High, is aware of the purposeful plan to harm the populace through food. The safeness of our food has been questionable for decades. If you do not grow your own food, you really do not know what you are eating. That is a fact of life for everyone living during these trying and difficult times.

Growing your own food and using organic seeds is the only way. Our local farmers are using more fertilizers and pesticides than ever before. Many are forced to do so because they use genetically modified seeds (GMO’s), and these seeds need the fertilizer to grow properly. These are very chilling facts, because most people consume foods that are altered daily. As we all know, the long term results of GMO’S are being tested on us everyday.

The real problem with food today is that it is not real. Scientists mix moth’s DNA with potatoes and fish DNA with strawberries and we eat “Franken-Food”. Mass production and shipping are another large part of the food scares. Sterilization,radiation, irrigation, and chemicals heighten the dangers to our food. In all of its glory, mass production has tainted the word pure, and replaced it with altered food products forever. Refining and processing these foods takes more time and energy than consuming them in their natural states. Inside of a box of Wheaties you receive about $0.10 worth of wheat. The box itself cost more than the cereal. You really get better nutrition from 1 piece of chapatti, bread made of flour and water, because extensive processing kills the nutritional value of wheat.

Our food travels from different cities and continents to arrive at your local grocer. It then goes through a sprucing up process, to – make it more appealing to the consumer. This process calls for more chemicals. Chemicals were used to preserve them during their trip to market,and now, are use to make them look appealing. The handling of food is another risk factor. Unsanitary situations and airborne diseases kill people every day.

In these past weeks, Listeria has made the headlines due to contaminated cantaloupes. Listeria is a food borne illness. It is often derived from contaminated water, or excrement of humans or animals. How does excrement get into fresh produce? Food contamination can be derived through an array of possibilities. These things happen all the time and this isn’t the first case of killer Listeria, in 1985 there was an outbreak in Mexico. Their cheeses were contaminated; in that case 48 people died. It is not just produce that is contaminated, our meat is contaminated also. Today animals that are to be slaughtered are treating in a horrific and ungodly manner. They are inhumanely fed by-products from slaughter houses. They are given antibiotics and are kept in cramped quarters.

Diseases spread quickly from animal to animal. The bacteria salmonella runs rampant on most meat that we eat everyday. Unfortunately, today’s, dairy, eggs, meat and vegetables are not the products of traditional farming. We have left the tradition of integrity in the history books,because it is all about the fast money now. Factory farm animals have much more fat on them because they rarely get exercise,and they are given food to intentionally fatten then up as fast and as cheaply as possible. The hormones DES (diethylstilbestrol) are added to these animals’ diet. They began adding DES after World War II and it is still being used. Scientists have proven that DES enlarges breasts in men and women, and it causes cancer. There have been cases of 4-year old female children that have fully developed breasts, and many children are reaching puberty at earlier ages. Extra hormones within the body send signals to speed up the life cycle. If we follow the food chain, we will see that there are poisons everywhere, and they all lead to us – the consumers. The poisons that plants and animals absorb, we consume. The food you eat affects you and your family’s health. Cutting back on processed food is a good idea, because it will decrease the work load of the liver. When we become afraid of our food, it is time to do some research and stop eating these pollutants before it is too late! We must stop harming ourselves,go organic, and grow your own food.

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