Theological Degree in Canada Establishes Major Landmark


Muhammad AbdurRashid Taylor, MTS, recently became the first Muslim to graduate from Regis College of the University of Toronto with a Masters of Theological Studies degree.

Mr. Taylor, a member of the Muslims of the Americas, achieved this landmark honor and was one of the College’s graduates who had their convocation at this Jesuit Seminary on a warm and bright Saturday afternoon in Toronto. AbdurRashid completed the degree on a part-time basis, balancing family, community responsibilities, as well as a full time position as a chaplain, as well as managing a very busy department in a Mental Health and Addiction facility. In a small family gathering after the convocation, AbdurRashid thanked and extended his gratitude to his family for their support over the years.
AbdurRashid’s thesis paper for the degree, entitled “Muslim Christian Dialogue,” is a significant landmark in his work with Muslim and Christian communities and informs his work as the significance of this dialogue continues to grow, for both Christians and Muslims.

Recently AbdurRashid presented a lecture “The Urgency of Muslim Christian Dialogue” as part of a three-part series of lectures at St. Andrews Presbyterian Church, a downtown Toronto church that was founded in 1830. The audience for this lecture numbered over 150 and primarily comprised of Christians, academics and University students who were extremely responsive to the lecture and engaged in spirited conversation at its conclusion.

In the ongoing effort to widen dialogue and cooperation, AbdurRashid is available for public lectures on Muslim Christian Dialogue and for facilitating workshops that aims to develop working relationships between Muslim and Christian communities interested in engaging in meaningful dialogue. Mr. Taylor can be reached by email at: [email protected]. Audio and text copies of the “Urgency of Muslim Christian Dialogue” are available by request.