A patient is being examined at Huoshenshan Hospital, newly built in eight days, in the city of Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak.

Major news outlets and even the World Health Organization are scrambling to downplay the dangers of the new coronavirus, even though its spread is virtually undetectable. Others can become infected during coronavirus’s long incubation period, even while an infected person carries no symptoms. 

China is a major economic figure, so even as the stock market is predicting a major hit because of the virus, few want to point the finger at China’s huge red fist, which first attempted to cover up the outbreak then delayed locking down Wuhan city where the pandemic began. The delay allowed some five million people to leave the city and travel to other destinations while infected with the new coronavirus. 

It’s not surprising that little criticism reaches China in ways that are sufficient to bring change. Doctors, journalists, and activists are being punished after speaking the truth about the virus’s spread – referred to as “spreading rumors,” according to authorities. Some of those rumors have included “reports of potential cases, including people, turned away from hospitals or dying without ever being tested and quickly cremated, criticism of the government, the distribution of masks, or the criticism of the discrimination of people from Wuhan or others who may be infected,” according to the UK Guardian. 

Given what goes on in the country as a whole, and in particular to the Muslim Uighur population, these sorts of minor scenarios are almost expected. Yet as Muslims, we must put our faith in the court of the Almighty when we raise our hands in supplication to the One who overwhelms the oppressors. 

The coronavirus started in the center of a historical city, Wuhan, known primarily as the center of the Communist movement that took over China in the 1920s. In 2020, Communist dictator Xi Jinping’s torment inflicted on Muslims in China is far worse than any devastation the coronavirus has and will cause. 

Since, according to the Holy Qur’an, “oppression is worse than slaughter (2:191),” outbreaks of the virus that have been reported in some of the Xinjiang torture camps might even come as a blessed release to the Muslims who contract it. 

Few can rationally deny that the coronavirus is a manifestation of the wrath of the Almighty that has fallen upon China due to their unwarranted horrific treatment of more than a million prisoners and ten million other Uighurs in their grasp within the open-air prison of Xinjiang. Even the prayer of one victim is heard.

What does China stand to lose from setting the standard for brutality in Xinjiang? “So the roots of the people who were unjust were cut off; and all praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the worlds (Holy Quran, 6:45).” 

Time Magazine says, “China’s economy is grinding to a halt as the government scrambles to stop the spread of the deadly Wuhan coronavirus.” The New York Times confirms: “The spread of the dangerous virus has spooked global markets and threatened prospects for economic growth.” The BBC states: “Coronavirus: China to pump billions into economy amid growth fears.” CNN concludes: “The coronavirus could cost China’s economy $60 billion this quarter.”

There’s been no need for the specter of a Uighur uprising that China has claimed to fear so great as to have traumatized millions under the guise of counterterrorism. The Most High sent a virus that the high-tech surveillance state has hardly been able to detect, much less puzzle out. CNN reports the coronavirus spread reaches in one hour only a quarter of what the SARS outbreak reached in a full nine months. 

It’s clear that something unusual is happening in China and the ramifications are spreading throughout the country and elsewhere at the cost of human life. Will China repent of its actions?