Tens of Thousands Flood Streets in UK to Protest Trump and ‘Everything He Stands For’

Even across oceans, the public disdain for the American president is overwhelming.

Protesting both the individual cruelty of U.S. President Donald Trump and the globally ascendant “politics of hate” he represents, tens of thousands took to the streets in London and across the U.K. June 11 as Trump enjoys “royal treatment” from the British government on his first official state visit.

Trump claimed in a tweet June 10 that he had not “seen any protests yet,” but the demonstrations on Tuesday, June 11 were impossible to miss, with the 20-foot-tall Trump baby blimp flying over London and crowds of Britons pouring into the streets throughout the country.

“We are here to take on misogyny, racism, fascism, and hatred,” Guardian columnist Owen Jones declared during a speech in London.

Jones emphasized this point in a column ahead of the June  mass demonstrations, noting that the protests “aren’t just about Trump, they’re about everything he stands for.”

“These protests aren’t simply about Trump and the perverse reality TV show he’s treated the world to,” Jones wrote. “The protests are about Trumpism: about confronting a resurgent global far right, defending the rights of women and minorities, fighting the climate emergency, opposing the threat of war, and standing against an attempt to gut the NHS and trash hard-won rights and freedoms.

Jake Johnson / commondreams.org

Jake Johnson / commondreams.org