Come to Rescue of Kashmiri the people: National Front to the UN

Kashmiris protest India’s oppression and occupation in Kashmir

Terming the present situation of disputed Kashmir as grave, Jammu Kashmir National Front Deputy Chairman, Altaf Hussain Wani said that killings in Kashmir on a daily basis at the hands of Indian forces have turned the whole disputed territory as a huge killing field. The daily killings have already given rise to many social problems in the valley, in particular, where people fear of venturing out freely. This, in fact, has increased the role of the United Nations,UN, manifold, which is responsible to resolve the dispute according to the wishes of the people concerned.

He said that the latest tyranny of Indian forces was exhibited in south Kashmir’s Kulgam where innocent people were left to die only for protesting in favour of holed-up freedom fighters. Killings in Kashmir took place on the pattern of Palestine, where Israeli forces break every international law and principal. The irony is that the whole world condemns Israel in one voice but leaves India unaccounted, encouraging the new Asian imperialist country to take forward its cruel and undemocratic agenda in disputed Kashmir.

India has jailed all the sane voices of Kashmir including National Front Chairman, Nayeem Khan to suppress the political demand of the people and by doing so New Delhi has curtailed any political process to take place.

Even the common people who wanted to raise their voice democratically are being restricted to their houses every now and then and if somewhere people defy these restrictions they are being showered with bullets and pellets. The hospitals of Srinagar and other parts of Kashmir are witness to the fact that hundreds of people are being maimed every week by the men in uniform who have been set free to silence the people by using means of their choice. Protected by the black laws like AFSPA, Armed Forces Special Powers Acts, these men in uniform have spread a reign of terror across Kashmir.

The Kashmiri people strongly appeal to the United Nations Organisation, UNO, to come to the rescue of oppressed people by implementing the resolutions of UNSC so that not only a long pending dispute is resolved but also the credibility of the world body is restored.