Gavin Wright, Patrick Eugene Stein and Curtis Allen Photo: Sedgwick County, Kan., Sheriff’s Office
Gavin Wright, Patrick Eugene Stein and Curtis Allen Photo: Sedgwick County, Kan., Sheriff’s Office

According to the Huffington Post, Patrick Stein, Gavin Wright and Curtis Allen from rural Kansas were found guilty on Wednesday, April 18 on charges of weapons of mass destruction and conspiracy against civil rights in a 2016 plot to kill Muslim immigrants.

As horrific as their plan was, why haven’t these individuals been labeled “terrorists”? Every time a white man tries to kill Americans en-masse, people ask law enforcement officers, politicians and journalists the same question: Why isn’t this terrorism? We know how this administration has helped fuel bigotry to the point that the Islamophobes who once were silent, have now become emboldened to take aim against the innocent targets of their hatred.

These American Taliban are terrorists and need to be labeled such; and exposed by being called out loudly. They are training to kill while targeting American Muslims, their affiliates and groups throughout this country. Two years ago, in a special bulletin released by the FBI, they warned the public of the sudden rise in these groups and their threat. They also warned that there would be an increase in their membership through intense recruitment.
Terrorists are colorless and classless. This should be regularly cited as we know the false narrative that is always quickly used regarding Muslims and terrorism and how that label is immediately applied when a Muslim commits a crime. In the U.S., most terrorist incidents are committed by white males. This is a fact – google it!
President Trump, his administration, and its allies have waged a campaign against the credibility of the FBI. In Congress, the public is seeing firsthand how this effort has been driven by the President’s desire to bend the Bureau to support his agenda, his volatility in the face of resistance, and the far more deliberate efforts of his Congressional allies to protect him from Special Counsel Mueller’s investigation.
In the Kansas militia terrorist trial, many of the potential jurors for the trial were dismissed due to the ongoing sentiment and rhetoric that Trump is pushing and that has reached their ears regarding the FBI, entrapment procedures, etc.
There’s a deeper and more serious bias that has been exposed and evolved amongst the racist elements of the public; now they’re emboldened because of Trump’s statements and actions that are being pushed through media-propaganda – the agenda is clear.
This is yet another attempt to impose fear and terror on American Muslims.
This past year a Tennessean political figure, Robert Doggart, was convicted and sentenced to nearly 20 years in prison for soliciting a militia group to commit arson and violate the civil rights of the American Muslims residing in upstate New York. He was planning to burn down the community’s mosque and shoot anyone who tried to stop him and his cohorts, including children. It was the FBI that uncovered their conspiracy.
The Trump Administration has no qualms about hurting any group or organizations that it deems a threat to its idea of “Make America Great Again” This is the process to cause mayhem and destruction at the cost of innocent bystanders. The Kansas domestic terrorists directly fed into the Trump administration’s daily spew of Islamophobia in acting out their hatred in the open. We God-fearing and peace loving American citizens must continue to unite and have a voice against such hatred.
As quoted by the late Martin Luther King Jr. “Never, be afraid to do what’s right, especially if the well-being of a person or animal is at stake. Society’s punishments are small compared to the wounds we inflict on our souls when we look the other way.”

IP Editorial Board