MEDICAL FILES: Poison or Panacea? Vaccination is Not the Problem, It is the Vaccines


By Jemille Wasi, M.D.

In America, we take pride in the fact that the medical services we provide are among the most advanced in the world. This is seen in the multitudes of people who travel here to seek medical treatment or the vast number of foreign medical practitioners vying to seek training from our advanced practitioners. Consequently, American citizens put the utmost trust in our doctors and rarely question any medication given or decision made by them. For the most part this trust is warranted, but there are a few instances where the question arises, “Are doctors truly concerned about our health?” This is not depicted any more evidently than by our vaccination program.
Historically, the idea of inoculations (exposing an individual to a small portion of the natural disease often by smearing it on the skin) began as far back as ancient Egypt. In 16th century India during the smallpox epidemic, it was noted that some people who cared for sick individuals didn’t succumb to smallpox. It was determined that exposed individuals may somehow be protected, so healthy individuals were exposed to small amounts of ground smallpox scabs and it worked! These inoculums of tissue were effective and this became a widespread practice. In the 18th century, the novel idea of inoculations paved the way to the process of vaccination in which an engineered portion of a disease pathogen is injected into the body. Over the years the composition of engineered vaccines has drastically changed and many of the ingredients are individually listed as poisons in chemical databases.
I recently saw an interview on YouTube in which a doctor was describing the horrific experience of losing a child due to what she believed was the vaccines that were given in close proximity to her death. She reported the same exact symptoms that her daughter displayed prior to her death, had been seen in her son when he had the vaccines at the same age. Like his sister, he experienced sickness, but fortunately recovered. The most noteworthy aspect of the interview was something she pointed out in regards to medical training. She said that during her immunology training in medical school the subject of immunizations was not covered extensively. The subject was glazed over and not revisited until her pediatrics rotation, where the schedule to give them was inundated everyday of her rotation. She had not thought about it until after her daughter passed, as she had time to reflect on everything. She says as a doctor she would have thought that as much emphasis and importance as is placed on immunizations, instruction on this in medical school would be more comprehensive. She didn’t want to believe that the advanced medical industry of which she was a part, would give any treatment without thorough testing. She was thus surprised to find that many—if not most—of the ingredients in common vaccinations, could be considered poisonous to the human body. She could not believe that doctors were actually prescribing these to patients.
After watching, I as well reflected on my own training and realized it mirrored the lady doctor. We were not taught much in the way of what vaccines contain, but we are essentially waterlogged with the schedule to give them to patients 8 minutes to 80 years old. Moreover, we are forced to take them ourselves without asking too many questions and if you refuse there are often severe repercussions. I must digress, vaccinations is a topic that I have studied over the years and from what I have learned in regards to them, I WOULD NEVER willingly put these poisonous concoctions in my body! It should be noted that I am not against vaccination, however, I am against the vaccines that the medical industry currently provides. From my investigations, I have learned that the industry we entrust with our health is the very entity that has been engineering poisons which are then forced upon us. It seems that we are being systematically poisoned in favor of a capitalistic enterprise. In his book “Murder By Injection: The Story of the Medical Conspiracy Against America”, author Eustace Mullins puts a spotlight on the major modus operandi in which this horrific plot is carried out and that is the practice of vaccination. The problem is these engineered, injectable inoculations not only contain a live or killed lab-altered microorganism, they are also composed of mutated proteins, heavy brain absorbing metals (like Mercury) and carcinogens (or chemicals that can cause cancer). The medical industry has recognized the role that many of the newer vaccines have in causing many other diseases such as autism, diabetes and cancer, but has ignored or overlooked these correlations in order to safeguard the robust vaccination program. Children are often the most affected victims of the program as many of the required, scheduled immunizations occur prior to one year of age and include vaccinations for diseases such as measles, diphtheria, and polio. Undoubtedly, the medical industry is aware that these vaccines do a lot more harm than they let on and as well, that many of the vaccines are ineffective in protecting against their associated disease (i.e. the flu vaccine). Despite this, they continue to pour countless funding into purposely distorted research that supports the continued need of these programs. Mullins mentions this in his book as he says: “Some in the industry are taking the stance that not only are compulsory vaccinations ineffective, they are dangerous and violate individual rights and religious principles.”
A cursory exploration of the vaccine industry in America will tell you all that you need to know about what is most important in the vaccination program, and it does not appear to be the health of Americans. Instead of delving deeper into some of the reported claims of many researchers in regards to the health risk that vaccines pose, the medical industry continues pumping out new vaccines on a daily basis. To make matters worse, the medical industry is not the only player. The government plays its role and makes it almost impossible to function in any area of daily life without getting a vaccine. From the time a baby enters the world, you are forced to get them the vaccines or you won’t be able to take your child home!
While it seems that our government or medical industry may not care about your well-being, here at the Islamic Post we do! If you are one of these unfortunate people whose life may be affected by not taking vaccines, there are a few things you should know. First, many states still allow for the religious exemption for most vaccines. Secondly, if you have received vaccines in the past, you can have Titers taken (a blood test that shows protective cells of immunity to the disease in question). Last but not least, for those who have no way out, you can take natural substances that bind the poisonous metal components of vaccines (Chelators) like Milk Thistle, Vitamin C, turmeric or chlorella, and help expedite their removal from the body. These should be taken before and after vaccine administration.
While we live in the most industrialized nation in the world, with the most advanced medical treatments, our brilliant healthcare practitioners continue to tell us that poisons are the best medication we can take. Our illustrious government feels the same and has designed programs to force the poison on its citizens. We are often faced with the decision to slowly kill ourselves or our families or not to eat or live. To answer the original question “Are doctors truly concerned about our health?” For the most part the answer is yes, but when it comes to vaccines, it appears their agenda takes precedence over our lives. When you are ultimately faced with the choice of whether or not to take a vaccine, I’ll leave you with the words of Dr. James Shannon, former director of the National Institute of Health from 1955 – 1968, “The only safe vaccine is the one never used”.