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Jesus (peace be upon him) and the “Good News”


Jesus, son of the Virgin Mary, (peace be upon them both) was sent down as a holy messenger of Almighty God. He brought God’s Divine message to a people of that time who had lost their way from the truth. Jesus is the second-to-last Messenger of Islam; through him Allah Almighty revealed His revelations in the form of the Injeel, which means “Good News”. What was the good news? The Good News that was given to Jesus to convey was a special promise that Allah was to send at the end time a blessing to all of humanity, he who would be the true Final Messenger and would come after Jesus, peace be upon them. He gave his name as “Ahmad”. Delivering this good news was the ONLY mission he had; he was to tell his people about the coming of the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him) and to correct and purify the existing religion, which was being followed by Bani Israel (Jews), who had strayed from the true religion. There was no other part to his mission. He did not come to establish a new religion, nor was he to bid the people to follow him as their lord. He spoke against the very offending and misleading role of the priests, and their craft. This is why they conspired to kill Jesus, and when they were unsuccessful at this, they came up with the false story that they crucified him. It did not happen. Muslims know that he was not crucified. This is confirmed in the Holy Qur’an, and as a matter of fact, historical books predating Islam mention that Jesus son of Mary was lifted up to the heavens.

So many historical untruths were created around the life and mission of Jesus, son of Mary, mostly because those who recorded his life and sayings did not know him, nor had ever seen him. One exception is the Gospel of St. Barnabas. Barnabas was the scribe of Jesus who lived in his time, walked with him and heard his message directly.

In an introduction to a recent printing of Gospel by the Barnabas Society of USA, in explaining the authenticity of Barnabas’ Gospel and the lack of authenticity of the New Testament, they write:

“…individuals about whom we have no knowledge, after compiling their “books” where did they go? Whatever they wrote has fallen far beneath historical accounts. It is all based on hearsay, because they were not there.  They had not seen Jesus. They did not know him.

Before the Council of Nicaea, 325 A.D. the authorship of the Jesus’ sayings and teachings were being corrupted by men who never knew him. The Council of Nicaea, which was set up not by the Church, but by the emperor of the state, in which the acceptance of the Pauline doctrine officially making the ideology of the Trinity the essential part of Christian theology, and cemented what the so-called apostles had set in motion years and years before, especially Paul. However, I learned, that at the same time, there were those who acquiescent to the fraud and who signed onto the alterations of the works of Jesus, though finding no basis for it in the Scriptures. They did so with trepidation, not being able to reconcile what their scholarly minds were telling them.  One attendant at the Nicaea council wrote “Whenever he forced his understanding to meditate on the divinity of Jesus, his toilsome and unavailing efforts recoiled on themselves … ‘There are not three but ONE God.'”

The Council of Nicaea started with over two thousand bishops, presided over by Emperor Constantine. They were meeting to decide what books would or would not become part of the prevailing accepted representation of Christian theology. Thousands of Gospels were collected. The priests decided by vote which ones they would accept. The rest were burned. There was one Gospel that escaped intact and it was “The Gospel of Barnabas.”

The story and pictures given of Jesus are certainly distorted ones. For example, the four accepted gospels of Mark, Matthew, John and Luke, none of these men knew or ever met Jesus. Their gospels were composed forty to eighty years after the time of Jesus on earth. Also, it is an established fact that the texts of these four gospels had been altered and censored through time, and since neither of these gospels are eyewitness accounts, it is not surprising that they are in themselves marked with contradictions of each other. The Emperor Constantine decreed on divine sanction that these four gospels were the word of God, and thus he produced what would be known as the first copy of the New Testament. The teachings of Jesus were “derailed”.

St. Barnabas actually was one of the earliest disciples of Jesus in Jerusalem. The most prominent element of St. Barnabas’ life was his nearness to Jesus, so much so was he in his confidence that Jesus personally asked him to scribe his gospel. His eminence as a man who had been close to Jesus had made him a prominent member of the small band of disciples who had gathered together after the disappearance of Jesus. They observed the Law of the Prophets, which Jesus (peace be upon him) had taught, “not to destroy but, to fulfill”. They continued to live as Jews and practiced what Jesus had taught them, that Christianity could ever be regarded as a new religion did not occur to any of them. They were devout and practicing Jews distinguished from their neighbors only by their faith in the message of Jesus.

Muslims are the only people in the world who believe in Jesus, son of Mary (peace be upon them) as the second-to-Last Messenger of Allah, which we witness with irrefutable documented evidence, which is Holy Qur’an. Otherwise, those who claim to be his followers have no evidence with them, written or otherwise, that Jesus existed. Muslims also await the return of Jesus – his second coming.

Every day, Muslims declare that there is no God but Allah and Jesus is known to us as the  “word or spirit of Allah” due to his miraculous conception. There are those amongst us with purity of faith and spiritual practices, who have beheld Jesus, son of Mary, (peace be upon them) Non-Muslims also can earn the opportunity to behold him as well, when they live according to the teachings of Jesus, son of Mary. They must first follow the Ten Commandments, and remain in a clean and pure state.  All people of faith must implement these practices.

As mentioned before, we await the return of Jesus to Earth. He will come and follow and preach the religion of Allah, the Almighty; Allah is one and Muhammad is the Last Messenger of Allah. Thus, we extend the invitation to join the ranks of the prophets – from Adam, Abraham to Jesus, Son of the Virgin Mary to the Last, Muhammad (peace and blessings be on them all).