America Welcomes Known Terrorist

Should the United States have welcomed Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who as Chief Minister in 2002, turned his head, but must be held accountable for the murder of thousands of innocent people...’ the Gujarat Massacre?’

One thousand Muslims massacred in Gujarat, India!  The year was 2002, but the aftermath remains fresh up to and through to today.  As India’s Chief Minister, Narendra Modi, remained silent through this extinguishing of human life and did nothing within his power to quell the riots that left hundreds of people dead.  Today, Narendra Modi is the Prime Minister of India.

The acts of terrorism that took place in Gujarat were boldly facilitated by Modi and led to international opposition.  The United States banned him in 2005 and Britain distanced itself from him as well.  This reality is now mere history, as the winds of politics have changed and allow Narendra Modi to not only visit the United States, but to address the U.S. Congress, where he was met with three minutes of applause.  Modi boldly stated during his speech, “Our nations may have been shaped by diverse histories, cultures and faiths, yet our belief in democracy for our nations and liberty for our countrymen is common.”  This statement is strongly contradicted by the unforgotten Indian massacre in Gujarat.  Where was the liberty for the 1,000 Indian Muslims butchered by Hindus under Modi’s watch? They were targeted because of their faith; India – another nation rippled with double standards!

Two years ago, Dr. Katrina Swett, the Vice-chair of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom, the group that is responsible for advising the president on the promotion of religious freedom globally, eloquently stated, “It is our view and the view of many others that Mr. Modi shall not be granted the privilege of U.S. visa because of the very serious doubts that remain and that hang over Mr. Modi relative to his role in the horrific events of 2002 in Gujarat.”  Her advice was not heeded, but should not be forgotten.

America is a nation that prides itself for standing firm against terrorism.  Terrorism is an abomination and terrorists should not be negotiated with.  Staying true to these principles are important and lauded as symbols of strength and justice, and a matter of United States national security.  This stand and its principles have now been officially tarnished by allowing a known terrorist to speak before our Congress, because he also happens to be a head of state.  It is akin to the possibility of allowing the leaders of ISIS to come here and address the US government.  This would never be considered.  ISIS is a terrorist group that has nothing to do with Islam.  Like the terrorist Modi, it is complicit in the indiscriminate killing of innocent men, women and children which is forbidden in Islam

Clearly, there are major political implications directly linked to Modi visiting the United States.  As a developing, newly industrialized country with a population of over 1.2 billion people, India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world.  Additionally, it is a nuclear weapon state.  This fact should be an incentive for the United States to require Prime Minister Modi to answer for his actions in Gujarat.  Today’s world has taught us how swiftly occurrences of mass murder can transition to full blown genocide, and the United States cannot afford to have more blood on its hands.  In addition, there is a lesson to be learned by both the U.S. and India, that is – you cannot claim to stand firm against terrorism, if at the same time you are a terrorist.  The rules must apply to everyone.  This point is sorely contradicted by Modi’s own statement where he urged, “greater isolation for those who harbor, support and sponsor terrorists.”  How serious can this statement be taken, when it is elicited from a person that himself has sponsored terrorism?

Source: Islamic Post Editorial