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The Muslims of America, Inc. Statement on Issues of Race in the United States

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Islamophobia and violence against people of African descent are escalating in America. Forces within the United States are determined to cause civil unrest by cultivating hate and instigating violence to break down America from within.

On April 10, 2015, The Muslims of America, received notice of the arrest of Robert Rankin Doggart, a former Congressional candidate of Tennessee, for plotting to attack our village of Islamberg in Hancock, New York to kill residents and burn the mosque and school to the ground. We were subsequently shocked that Doggart was released from custody on house arrest under terms of a plea deal charging him only with “communicating a threat”. No charges of terrorism or hate crimes were filed. Residents of Islamberg, a community primarily of African descent, are experiencing first hand the attacks and effects of Islamophobia sweeping across the nation through this horrible conspiracy led by Doggart which has terrorized the community.

Chapel Hill, North Carolina was stunned by the killing of three young American Muslims murdered in cold blood on February 10, 2015. The murderer shot the three in their home in a sobering example of hatred of Muslims.

According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an Arizona mosque received threatening letters signed by “Patriot Friends” targeting Muslim leaders and threatening to burn the mosque to the ground. Soon after, bikers organized an anti-Muslim demonstration outside the same Arizona mosque, encouraging participants to not only attend but exercise their second amendment right- to bear arms.

In East Amherst, New York, authorities report a vehicle was driven to the mosque, then set fire. An investigation is pending.

Outrage erupted in the city of Baltimore, Maryland when an unarmed man was reportedly illegally arrested, detained, then brutally treated, leading to his death.  

Ferguson, Missouri, a city consisting primarily of people of African descent, is attempting to heal from protests and civil unrest following the killing of unarmed 18-year old Michael Brown by a police officer. Citizens claims that their community was being systematically oppressed were confirmed by a U.S. Justice Department probe which found “Ferguson police officers routinely violate the Fourth Amendment in stopping people without reasonable suspicion, arresting them without probable cause, and using unreasonable force against them.”

The intent behind these striking acts of violence and hatred is a nefarious plan  to bring about chaos and a clash between Muslims and Christians, to provoke a civil war to take place in America, thus enabling martial law to be imposed. To avoid this, American Muslims and Americans of African descent must recognize the psychology behind their enemy and the path forward by joining together in following  this policy issued from the Imam of The Muslims of America, who is not an ordinary person.

Almighty Allah sent him thirty-two years ago with miraculous signs, a guarantee from Allah The Exalted of the mission He has given to El Sheikh Gillani. The miracles are confirmation that Allah The Exalted will help him and those who follow him, and that Allah The Exalted has done, is doing and that He will do. We invite you to come and see a miracle of the Almighty Creator's Personal Name, Allah, which has been shining on the wall of our masjid in Islamberg, New York for the past four years. And with this, we present the Statement on Issues of Race in the United States from El Sheikh Gillani.

The Muslims of America, Inc. Statement on Issues of Race

in the United States

The Almighty Creator sent guidance for all mankind, as well as Messengers who served as examples and to instruct people on how to follow the guidance. Yet, in spite of these blessed Messengers, the majority rebelled against Almighty Allah and oppressed themselves and further began committing oppression against each other by enslaving nation after nation.


In history, we find there were a lot of African slaves in Makka-tul-Mukarramah. Although they were despised because of their color, when they heard the message from the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him) and received the guidance from Almighty Allah, they embraced Islam and became Muslims.

The oppressors of other nations were generally pagan with no law, model or system. In addition, women were oppressed with no status in society. Most unfortunately, the Muslims were affected in African countries such as Mali, Senegal, and the Gold Coast, where most of them were well-spoken, with culture and background.

Regarding the term African American, I would simply say “Americans”. Other Americans do not call themselves Japanese American or Irish American or French American or German American. When they arrived in America, they called themselves only American. Americans of African descent are unique. You didn’t land in America, but were brought there over three hundred years ago.  After the real Native Americans who were annihilated, you are the real Americans because you built the country with your own hands. The rest are settlers. You are Americans of African descent.  That is how you should identify yourselves. Then you must commit to uniting on one common platform and follow Islam in letter and spirit.


All those Muslims and non-Muslims that are of African descent should not allow anyone to call them “Black” because according to Holy Quran, all the sinners and rebels who are destined to be thrown into Hell will be turned into black men and black women, and those who will be destined to go into Paradise will be turned into white, bright Noori beings with the Noor of Allah shining on their faces. All those people who reject the message of Allah and Holy Quran, they are the true black men – so do not dare allow anyone to call you “Black”.


Muslims are neither black nor white. This was determined by the Last Sermon of the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him), where Almighty Allah put His words into the mouth of the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) to declare that, “All mankind is from Adam and Eve, an Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also, a white has no superiority over a black, nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action”. This Last Sermon of the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) was the first charter of human rights. It is there that the equality of mankind is established in which people are judged because of their piety and taqwa, or Allah awareness.


The use of the term “Black” came from a fabricated story interpolated in the Old Testament. It was the Bani Israel who invented the term “black” as a lie against Almighty Allah. Hazrat Nuh (upon him peace) had three sons, Haam, Saam and Yafeth. Saam’s descendants spread all over the Arabic world and Asia. Haam and his descendants spread out in Africa. Yafeth and his descendants went to the western side of the world such as Europe. The Bani Israel changed the text of the Old Testament to support the lie which claimed that after Noah’s Ark landed at Mt. Judea, his son Haam committed a dishonorable act. Because of this, Noah supposedly invoked the curse of Allah upon Haam’s descendants. According to this interpolated text of the Old Testament, Haam’s face immediately turned black. All of his descendants were then born with black faces and Noah (upon him peace) is purported to have cursed them all to become the slaves of the white offspring of Haam’s brothers, Saam and Yafeth, by stating, “A slave of slave shall he be unto his brethren”. (Genesis 9: 21-27). This is how slavery was not only justified, but made an act of the will of God. With this, develop and establish a basic understanding about how the term “black” man came into being. Allah has upheld virtue, piety, and reality in the Ten Commandments, which is also found in Holy Qur’an.  


The cultures of these tampered books were also used by the Arabs against women, leading to the burying alive of female children at birth. When the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) was in Makkah tul Mukarramah, there were slaves. The first martyr of Islam was an African woman who was speared to death. The Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) first took steps to free and emancipate slaves and then to liberate women.


In an effort to understand, there is the example of the slave of Umayyah, Hazrat Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him). One day, Hazrat Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) heard the message from his Almighty Creator and so he embraced Islam. In turn, Umayyah tortured him by putting hot, burning rocks onto his chest. However, he continued to only cry out, “Ahad, Ahad, Ahad!”, confirming the “One” Almighty Creator. Americans of African descent should be proud of the the fact that Hazrat Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) is your ancestor because Allah loved him and he loved the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him).

Hazrat Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) became muezzin, or one who does the call to prayer (adhaan). He used to call the adhaan so beautifully in Madina tul Munawara, but he had a problem. Like many of African descent, he was not able to pronounce “sheen”, and so he said “As-SaduAllah…” as many amongst you still say because of the sheen that cannot be pronounced, so the sound comes out as a “seen.” As a result, the Holy Companions complained to the Holy Last Messenger  (peace and blessings upon him), that during the adhaan Hazrat Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) was incapable of saying the word “Ash-ShahaduAllah”.  The Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) heard it and minded it; so he (peace and blessings upon him) said: "Okay, Hazrat Bilal ( Allah be pleased with him) will not call the adhaan."

This happened during the night time, so when the morning came, people did not hear the adhaan, but they continued to wait. After half an hour passed, there was still no adhaan, while darkness remained. After two hours, people began to think that Qiyaamah (Day of Judgment) was coming, so they became panicked and started running around. The people came to the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him), and said, “What is this? Is it going to be Qiyaamah because the day is not starting and morning is not showing?”  They began weeping and wanting to know the cause. The Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) said he would wait for the news.  The Angel Jibrail (Gabriel) (peace upon him) came down and told them that Allah loves Bilal and until he does the adhaan, morning will not come. Hazrat Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) called the adhaan and the morning came. Afterwards, they started loving and respecting Hazrat Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) so much it cannot be imagined! This point establishes that even though Hazrat Bilal (may Allah be pleased with him) was at first oppressed, once he became Muslim, Allah made a way for him. This invitation is in an ayat of Holy Quran in Surah At-Talaq, where Allah says, “…Whosoever observes taqwa (Allah awareness)”, Allah will make a way out for the person in the situation and give rizq (provisions) from such (quarters of which he has no knowledge). And if you trust Allah, there is a lesson and guidance in this.” (Holy Quran, Surah At-Talaq: 2-3)


The beauty of Islam is highlighted in an account of a “loose” woman whom, once she died, no one wanted to offer her funeral prayer. Afterwards, some people saw in a dream that she had been granted Paradise and so they asked her, “How did you get this position?” She answered, “Once I was traveling near a well where a dog was dying of thirst.  I tore my chaddar, took off my leather sock and drew water from the well to quench the thirst of the puppy.  For that, Allah forgave me.” This level of Mercy is unimaginable! Islam is based on mercy and love of mankind.  Islam espouses love for all the creatures of the world from the ant to the elephant. Compare this to people who torture and dehumanize millions of human beings as represented in the African slave trade.

Before the African slave trade, the Arabs were already regularly traveling to America through the West Coast and doing a great amount of trade with the native people of America in California. These real Americans believed in One Almighty Spirit. They had ethics, morality- a code. They were very strong, healthy people who did not die of AIDS and cancer. They did not commit adultery and there was no homosexuality. People were handling American affairs very nicely. However, criminal colonies established themselves as the ‘Gentlemen’ and forced the people to believe in three gods. They themselves were a second generation of criminals who had no mercy because their hearts were hardened and so they took revenge on the Africans.

When the Muslims and non-muslims were abducted from African countries, they were severely punished in order to dehumanize them and prevent them from thinking as human beings. The aim was to reduce them to the level of cattle, which have no mind of their own. The first month they were starved to death. They were tortured; their limbs were cut down and chopped up. The abducted Africans were given every imaginable punishment, many things you could never imagine doing to an animal.  To illustrate the disdain in which Africans were held, there is the story of Ota Benga, a young African Pygmy of Central African Congo whose wife and children were murdered by henchmen of the Belgian king for refusing to work on their rubber plantations. Ota Benga was captured and sold to an American businessman who planned to use him in an exhibit to show how the darkest people on earth were on the lowest end of the evolutionary process and that the whitest people, who were dominant, had completed their evolution. Benga was on 'display' at the St. Louis World Fair in 1904, and was exhibited in a cage with an orangutan at the Bronx Zoo in 1906.


Despite such treatment, Americans of African descent should be proud of the fact that it was Najashi, King of Ethiopia, who gave refuge to the oppressed Muslims and refused to surrender them when their oppressors went to his court.  At that time, he asked the head of the Muslim contingent, Syed Ja’ffar (may Allah be pleased with him) to recite some Holy Quran and he recited part of Surah Maryam.  On hearing that, Najashi wept till his beard was wet. He said, “This is the truth.” He told the Arabs (arrogant and prejudiced) to go back. He eventually accepted Islam.  He is the first human who, when he died, Allah informed the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) about it and his funeral prayers were held in absentia. On the basis of this comes the edict that any home where there is a pious African man or woman will always be blessed.


Today, we are facing so much hatred towards Americans of African descent. There is a complaint that Arabs in America do not like Muslims of African descent. Understand that this was also present during the time of the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him).  However, the Hashmite Arabs, descendants of the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him), are the only Arabs that do not have this type of prejudice.

I am an Arab from both sides, a pure Hashmite, from whom many have spread all over the world.  Pakistan is not our home. They do not like us here and have killed many of us. They have destroyed and bombed our Holy Shrines. I have always sent my family members to America.  I would have been there in America, but for the Islamophobes like Martin Mawyer inciting people to kill me. My family is American, my children are American and living in America.  You can take me as an American Arab.  I am a Hashmi Arab. We cannot afford to hate anyone. Allah , The Exalted has chosen us to guide mankind. If He has chosen us to guide mankind, then how can we have prejudices and dislikes?


It is related that during the time of the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) Hazrat Abdullah ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) saw the other Arabs among other tribes talking and laughing, but the moment Ali (may Allah be pleased with him) came, everyone would always become very quiet. So he came back and told the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) that these Arabs showed prejudice against Banu Hashim and he felt very bad about it.  The Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) went out in anger and warned them. Allah said in Holy Quran, He has purified the descendants of the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him).  (Bukhari and Mishkat)

From the The Virtues of the Ahle-Bayt: Rejuvenating Dead Hearts Through the Superior Virtues of the Ahle-Bayt by Al Imam Jalaaludeen Abdur Rahman As-Suyuti (Mercy of Allah upon him),

Hadrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated, the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) stated, “The similitude of my Ahle-Bayt is like the Ark of Nuh (peace upon him), whosoever boards it will be saved and whoever stays away from it will drown. Ahmad and Abu Yaala relate from Abu Saeed Khudri that the Holy Last Messenger (Peace and blessing be upon him and his family) remarked: “In the near future I would be summoned by Allah and I would respond. I leave amongst you two weighty things, The Book of Allah and my Progeny, my Ahlul Bayt . The All-Aware and the Kind Allah has informed me that these two will not separate till they reach me at the Haudh (Tank of Kauthar). So take care as to how you behave with them.”


Therefore, it is obligatory for us to guide you as pure Arabs, not as the people who showed prejudice against Bani Hashim at that time. Bani Umayyah murdered the entire family of the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) because of their prejudice. These are the same people who do not like people of African descent, Ammawis and such. Reject them. Tell them: if you are Muslim, then what are you doing here in America? Yes, there is a guarantee of freedom, but it is not an Islamic country and the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings upon him) has forbidden any Muslim from leaving his country to go to an un-Islamic country for a job or earnings.

The enemies of Islam have tried to distort Islam by bringing false prophets, false doctrines and ideas, and misinformation about Islam and Holy Quran. The Holy Last Messenger Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) is the last messenger and the second to the last messenger is Jesus, Son of Mary (peace be upon them), who is alive and helped by Allah.

You must believe in the Islamic system, without any interpolations and without any additions. Believe that Almighty Allah is One and He has no partner, no son and no daughter. He sent guidance in Holy Quran and sent Muhammad (peace and blessings upon him) as a guide and example for us to follow.  We first declare the Kalimah “Laillaha illallah Muhammadur Rasoolullah (peace and blessings upon him)”. We must make salaat (prayer) five times a day and we must observe thirty days of fasting in the month of Ramadhan. We must pay zakat (a tax which benefits the poor) if we have a certain amount of money, we must make hajj (religious pilgrimage) if we have means, and we must propagate goodness and stop the evil. We must learn to read Holy Quran correctly starting from Yasarnal Quran (a successful learning method) and read the Holy Quran correctly without any mistakes.  We must understand the meaning of Holy Quran and understand its interpretation. Know that Islam is the only religion that is against slavery.  It is considered the biggest virtue in Islam to free a slave.

Additionally, keep away from those who are using Islam as a shield to practice extremism. The Salafis and Shiites have their own religion. Shiites do not believe in the law of Islam such as fasting and making salat every day.  We do not wish to bother them. Whatever they want to do, they should do it.


First, commit to the code of being a Muslim. Then, unite on one common platform as American Muslims and become politically active to fight for the common rights. Avoid direct and indirect confrontation with police authorities because there are people, who are not a part of the American government, who want to bring about a civil war. Our newspaper, The Islamic Post, had already chronicled those with this intent such as private militias and pundits from abroad.


Remember the enemies of Islam will kill anybody they like and there is no one held legally responsible for it. Who are they? Why are they doing it? Plainly, they do not consider Africans as human beings. To them, Africans everywhere are to be tortured because, according to Darwin, they have not reached their last stage of evolution. This enemy easily went into Afghanistan and Iraq to kill. There are certain people who give great sums of money to commit adultery. In Iraq, they are the very ones who established cells in which they tortured naked Muslims and women, forcing them to commit adultery in public. They killed Muslims in the most horrible of ways. They are trigger-happy, so the moment they see Muslims, they can’t resist killing them.  

This is the psychology of your enemy.  Recently, the New York Times published an article by Ted Widmer who posed the question in the title “Did the American Civil War Ever End?”, which would imply that African Americans are still slaves.

Know that you are being helped. Do not underestimate yourselves or think that you are weak.  You are weak now because you are apart from each other. Once you are united, they cannot break you. Do not allow egotism or the need for publicity to come in between. Work hard for the Sake of Allah and for the sake of humanity. AlHamdulillah, many Christian priests and ministers have come out openly against Islamophobia. Join with them. Start a common platform between all the Muslim groups in America and hold large rallies at the United Nations and in Washington DC.


You must shed bad practices and live by the Islamic way of life. Stop those things that Allah does not like, such as Fahashi or lewdness, which is spoken about in the Jumuah Khutbah. Until you stop practicing or being involved in lewdness, no ’ibaadah (worship) will be acceptable.  You must stop watching TV, stop using laptops and phones on which people watch filthy movies or commit adultery by getting to know each other. All of these things should be stopped before you do your ibaadah, only then will it be accepted.


Become good Muslims. Allah’s Promise is there because it never changes.  He will help you. He has helped The Muslims of America overcome the same problem in that we knew we could not protect and rear our children in crime-infested cities. So, we established our own towns, schools and universities.  Now our youth are doctors, nurses and engineers. They are doing very well. We are self-sufficient and living off our own resources. There is no compromising of Deenul Islam. The answer is submitting to Allah wholeheartedly and without pretense.  

Oh Oppressed People! Hold fast to the rope of Allah, Holy Quran and Sunnah, and fear no one! Remain steady in the face of calamity and disaster! Allah created life and death to see who is truthful or liar, and who performs good deeds.  For you, it is enough to read in Holy Quran where Allah says:

“Oh Believers, seek help by remaining steadfast and offering extra prayer. And do not speak of those who lay down their lives in the way of Allah as dead; nay, they are alive, but you know not. Allah will put you to test and trial by causing you losses in business and life.  Oh Messenger, give glad tidings to those who, when calamity befalls say, ‘Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi raajioon’ (Surely we are Allah's and to Him we shall surely return).” (Surah Al-Baqara: 153-157).

I am the humble servant of Almighty Allah The Exalted, whom He has sent as Khalifa (vicegerent) of His beloved Messenger Muhammad (peace and blessing upon him) and as Imam with clear and open miraculous signs (ie.The Almighty Creator's personal name, Allah, which is still shining for the past four years at the Holy Mosque and Shrine at Islamberg, New York). Miraculous signs are meant to support my mission by Allah. Therefore, this divinely inspired discourse has the solutions and remedies for all the problems currently being faced by all Muslims, particularly in America.

First, you must believe in the promise of Allah, trust Him, and hear and obey. Then, know that He has promised those of you who believe and perform good deeds that He will make them successors in the land (by placing the oppressed above the oppressors)– and will firmly establish  them and their deen with which He is pleased.  Therefore, establish Salah, compulsory five times a day, pay Zakah (charity) and obey the messengers so that mercy will be shown to you. The oppressed Muslims must believe in this promise of Allah, which He has given in Holy Quran, Surah Al Noor:

“Allah has promised those who have believed among you and done righteous deeds that He will surely grant them succession [to authority] upon the earth just as He granted it to those before them and that He will surely establish for them [therein] their religion which He has preferred for them and that He will surely substitute for them, after their fear, security, [for] they worship Me, not associating anything with Me. But whoever disbelieves after that – then those are the defiantly disobedient. And establish prayer and give zakah and obey the Messenger – that you may receive mercy.” (24:55-56)

Remember, this is in reference to Bani Isra’il who were oppressed to such an extent that their sons were being massacred and their women were being made slaves. Yet they believed in the messenger of the time and Allah destroyed the most powerful kingdom of the time (pharaoh) and established Bani Israel in Egypt.


Although there is much that can be added to this directive and guideline leading to the ultimate salvation of oppressed people in the United States of America, we have thus far told you the background, the present situation and presented the remedy. We are always available and open.

Mark my words, I, the humble servant of Allah who was sent with miraculous signs, swear that if you follow this command, O oppressed Muslims, you will become inheritors of the land, the way Bani Israil inherited the country and kingdom of pharaoh. Let there be no doubt. All those who doubt are not from amongst us. This will not happen in centuries, but in no more than a few decades. However, it will be obligatory to follow the injunction in Holy Qur’an which states: “O you who have believed, obey Allah and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you. And if you disagree over anything, refer it to Allah and the Messenger, if you should believe in Allah and the Last Day. That is the best [way] and best in result.” (Surah An-Nisaa:59) You will have to follow this for your ultimate salvation and success in this life and the hereafter. I don’t demand anything from you.

This Divinely Inspired message has been delivered- accept it or reject it, but we have done our duty.



El Sheikh Syed Muhyuddin Mubarak Ali Shah Gillani

Vice Chancellor of the International Qur’anic Open University

Imam of The Muslims of America, Inc.




The Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessing be upon him) said:
1. ”None of you is a believer until he likes for his brother what he likes for himself.”
2. ”He who gives for the Sake of Allah, and loves for the  Sake of Allah, and shows anger for the Sake of Allah, only then his Iman (Faith) is completed.”
3. ”A Muslim is the one from whose hand and tongue other Muslims are safe.”
4. ”Two traits cannot be found together in a Mu’min: miserliness and ill manners.”
5. ”When a person becomes old, two things in him become young – greediness and long plans.”
6. ”Whoever is not thankful to the people is not thankful to Allah.”
7. ”Those who have no mercy for people, Allah will not be merciful to them.”
8. ”Whatever is in this world is cursed, except the Dhikr (remembrance) of Allah ta’Ala. ”
9. ”Cursed are the people who love dollars and pounds.”
10. ”Always remain pure and clean and your Rizq (provisions and livelihood) will be made easy for you (increase).”
11. ”A Mu’min (believer) is never stung from the same hole twice.
12. A promise is a debt.”
13. ”A Majlis (private meeting) is a trust.”
14. ”One who is consulted must keep it secret.”
15. ”Generosity pays.”
16. ”Incurring a debt (unnecessarily) is very shameful for the Deen (way of life of Muslims).”
17. ”Contentment is a wealth which never ends.”
18. ”Sleeping in the early morning hours decreases one’s Rizq (provisions)”
19. ”Reminding others of a favor done for them destroys generosity.”
20. ”He who learns from the plight of others is a lucky person.”
21. ”It is a (dangerous) sin for a person to propagate hearsay.”
22. ”The process of death is enough of a reminder for any (wise) person.”
23. ”The best person amongst you is the one from whom the people get the most benefit.”
24. ”Allah loves those who are soft-spoken and have a pleasant disposition.”
25. ”Continue to give gifts to each other and it will increase your love.”
26. ”If you wish to receive some good from people, look for those who have friendly faces.”
27. ”Do not meet everyday, but at intervals.  It will increase the love between you.”
28. ”Fortunate is the person who does not have time to find faults in others, because he is preoccupied with correcting his own.”
29. ”If you really wish to be wealthy, you should lose all hope of obtaining other people’s wealth.”
30. ”The best course for a person’s Deen (way of life) is to leave alone all that is unnecessary.”
31. ”Being able to throw your opponent down does not mean that you have strength.  The strong person is he who can suppress his anger and keep himself under control.”
32. ”If you wish to be truly wealthy, you don’t need richness in material assets; you need a wealthy heart.”
33. ”You should never take things for granted.”
34. ”Never stop a person from attaining knowledge.”
35. ”If you cannot help a person, at least your kind words will be taken as Sadaqa (charity).”
36. ”Too much laughter deadens the heart.”
37. ”Jennah lies beneath the feet of your mother.”
38. ”Careless talking gets a person in trouble.”
39. ”Lustful glances are full of poison like the arrows of Shaitan.”
40. ”How is it possible for a Mu’min to fill his stomach when his neighbor is



Salman (may Allah be pleased with him) narrates that he asked the Holy Last Messenger (peace  and blessings be upon him) about that which are the 40 ahadith (traditions) concerning which he had said, that if anyone amongst his Ummah (entire Muslim community) memorized them, he [that person] would enter Paradise. Then, the Holy Last Messenger (peace and blessings be upon him) replied:

“To Believe in:
1. Allah i.e. in His Person and attributes and
2. The Last Day, and
3. The Angels and
4. The earlier Divine Books (no longer available in their original form)
5. All of the Holy Messengers (peace be upon them), and
6. The rising after death, and
7. The destiny, i.e. all that is good or bad is from Allah, and
8. That you bear witness that there is none worthy of worship except Allah and that Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) is His messenger, and
9. That at the time of each salaat, you establish salaat at its proper time after performing a perfect wudhu.  (Perfect wudhu is one performed with due regard to every adab (due respects) and mustahibbat (desirable action.)
10. Pay the zakat (obligatory charity on wealth exceeding a prescribed limit), and
11. Fast during the month of Ramadan, and
12. Perform Hajj if you have wealth.  (The availability of wealth has particularly been mentioned because want of wealth is generally made an excuse for non-performance of Hajj.  Otherwise, evidently, the other prerequisites that make the Hajj obligatory should also exist.)
13. You should perform the 12 rak’at sunnat-e-mu’akkadah salaat every day.  (According to another hadith the 12 rak’at are detailed as two rak’at before the two fard (obligatory) rak’at of Fajr salaat, four before and two rak’at after the four fard rak’at of Zuhr, two after the three fard rak’at of Maghrib and two after the four fard rak’at of ‘Isha)
14. You should never miss the Witr salaat at night which is wajib (compulsory, but less than fard and more important than sunnat) and it is, therefore, specially emphasized.)
15. You should ascribe no partners unto Allah.
16. You should not disobey your parents (if they obey The Almighty).
17. You should not devour the property of orphans unjustly.  (Unjustly implies that there is no harm in using the belongings of an orphan in  a lawful manner as is the case under certain circumstances)
18. You should not drink wine.
19. You should not commit adultery.
20. You should not indulge in false oaths.
21. You should not give false evidence.
22. You should not yield to your base desires.
23. You should not backbite a Muslim brother [or sister].
24. You should not bring a false charge against a chaste woman (or chaste man).
25. You should not bear ill-will toward your Muslim brethren.
26. You should not indulge in useless amusements.
27. You should not join the idle spectators.
28. You should not call a short-statured person “O, you short-statured one!” with the intention of finding fault in him.
29. You should not indulge in jokes at the cost of others.
30. You should not indulge in slandering others.
31. You should be ever grateful to Allah for His bounties.
32. You should be steadfast in suffering and calamity.
33. You should not be heedless of chastisement by Allah.

34. You should not sever your ties of kinship with your (believing) relatives.
35. You should discharge your obligations to your relatives.
36. You should not curse any creature of Allah.
37. You should remember and glorify Allah by repeating “SubhanaAllah (Glory belongs to Allah),  Alhamdulillah (All Praise is for Allah), La-ilaha il Lallah (There is no god but Allah), Allahu Akbar (Allah is the Greatest)” with frequency.
38. You should not miss the Friday and ‘Id salaat.
39. You should believe that whatever good or bad lot befalls you was predestined and could not be avoided, and whatever you have missed, you were predestined to do so, and,
40. You should not give up the recitation of the Holy Book under any circumstances.”

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