Ulama from Al-Azhar and America Declare Yemen-Saudi Conflict is not About Islam

The American Ulema, Religious Scholars, from Al Azhar University (bottom), Cairo, Egypt, and the United States (top and center).

Hancock, NY, April 4, 2015 — A joint meeting was held in Islamberg, New York under the chairmanship of Maulana Hussein Abu Bakr Qadri (NY) and attended by the following Ulama:  Maulana Husain M. Abdallah Qadri (NY), Maulana Muhammad Abdul Mumin Qadri (NY), Maulana Saiid Abdul Kareem Qadri (GA), Maulana Sayeed Shakir Qadri (SC), Maulana Sulaiman Abdur Rahim Qadri (TN), Maulana Ismail Abdul Haqq Qadri (VA), Maulana Ismail Abdur Rahmaan Qadri (CAN) and Maulana Nur Muhammad Qadri (NJ).

The emergency meeting was called into session at the International Quranic Open University Meeting Hall, to discuss the Yemen-Saudi conflict. The American Ulama were pleased with the resolution  passed by the following Ulama of Al-Azhar, Maulana M. Mahmud Abdussabur Al-Qadri Al-Azhari, Maulana M. Jamaaludin A. Wahid Al-Qadri Al-Azhari, and Maulana Hassan Ali Peay Al-Qadri Al-Azhari, after which they jointly declared, “This is not a war involving the religion of Al-Islam. Rather it is a war between Wahhabism and Shiism.”

The learned participants issued the following joint statement,“We wish to clarify to the entire world that this war has nothing to do with Islam and the groups involved; the Wahhabis from Saudi Arabia and the Shiite Houthi rebels from Yemen are unfortunately misled.”  According to the assemblage of scholars, each of these groups has its own history that contradicts the tenets of Al-Islam, proving that they do not adhere to Islamic principles. Maulana Husain M. Abdallah Qadri stated, “The involvement of Saudi Arabia, which is home to two of Islam’s holiest sites, has mistakenly led many people to believe that it is a war concerning Islam. It is incumbent upon us to present to the world the truth about the nature of the Yemen-Saudi conflict.”

The Azhari Ulama thoroughly explained that Wahhabism is neither a sect of Islam nor Islamic, but a different and separate religion. “The tenets of Wahhabism declare all who disagree with their beliefs as heretics and unbelievers–even if they are Muslims.  The Shiites also have their

own doctrine and it must not be confused with Islam. Their practices and rituals are often outside of Islamic Sharia, and they reject the Sunnah of the Holy Last Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him); key elements to practicing true Islam.” said Maulana M. Jamaaludin Abdul-Wahid Al-Qadri Al-Azhari.

The Ulama have urged Pakistan and other countries in the region to speak out regarding the truth and to abstain from joining in a conflict that will only exacerbate and spread chaos and bloodshed throughout the world. Samson Simon Sharaf, a retired officer of the Pakistan Army warned that Pakistan continues to be sucked into sectarian strife. In his  article for a Pakistani newspaper, The Nation  he stated, “ The Saudi’s have a long history of intrigue and infighting. Pakistans only role will be to watch over the patrimonial guards of this house of Saud. Pakistan is a country willing to hold a gun to its own head.”   Maulana Nur Muhammad Qadri,  a leading Pakistani- American scholar declared,“The best course for Pakistan and other countries is to solve the problem through negotiation and refrain from involving in this conflict.”

Maulana Hussein Abu Bakr Qadri, Chairperson

Muhammad Ali Qadri, Secretary of Information


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