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December 22, 2013

(York, SC) A gunman trespassed onto the property of The Muslims of America, Inc. (TMOA), in York County, South Carolina, during the night of December 21, firing his weapon towards the homes of peaceful residents. The man began shooting from the woods nearby, causing innocent men, women and children to seek cover as bullets flew by. The property is hosting the Muslim Scouts of America (MSA) who were concluding their first day of activities with dozens of youth when the incident took place.
Shocked and terrified, the scouts and residents watched as the man brazenly came forward screaming obscenities at the crowd he had just attempted to murder. The man was clearly identified as a neighbor who lives only yards away from long time resident Hadia Rashid, who could barely speak, thinking of what may have happened as her grandchildren often freely come and go within firing range of the assailant.
Law enforcement was immediately contacted. An investigation at the home of the gunman confirmed with his wife that he was the aggressor. Authorities also discovered the bullet casings supporting eyewitness claims; therefore, the intoxicated man was arrested and charged with unlawfully discharging a firearm and trespassing. “This is an act of terrorism and attempted murder!” exclaimed resident Ramadan Shakir. “Had the tables been turned the entire county of law enforcement would have descended upon us and terrorism would have been the first charge. We demand equal justice under the law.”
This is not the first time The Muslims of America have been subjected to similar attacks. In November of 2012, unknown aggressors fired thirteen gunshots onto their property in Virginia with no regard for the life of residents sleeping nearby. This past summer, at TMOA headquarters in Hancock, New York, several instances of criminal trespassing took place with one particularly frightening incident that included two eastern European men driving up in a van with strange equipment loaded in the back. Days after, two other men were arrested in nearby Albany for building and testing a weapon of mass destruction, specifically a powerful X-Ray gun mounted to the back of a van meant to kill Muslim victims with lethal amounts of radiation.
As police were arresting the man in South Carolina, residents could hear the criminal’s taunting statements as he yelled, “You have no idea what you started…better call damage control…cause this is blowing up…terrorists!” It is well known that comments such as these are a product of the rise of Islamophobia in America, but the violence will not be met with retaliation.
The Chief Executive of The Muslims of America, Mr. Hussein Adams confirmed, “We will not be provoked to retaliate with violence, but instead will seek justice in the courts by pressing for this assault to be registered as terrorism and a hate crime.”
Without such charges, the man could be released soon, returning to the property to exact his revenge.
The Muslims of America are in the middle of a multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit against the Christian Action Network, based in Virginia, whom they say propagates hate that serves to provoke similar responses from its supporters. Members of TMOA stress that there is no enmity between Muslims and Christians. Mr. Adams explains, “Organizations such as CAN hide behind the word “Christian” when in fact they are intolerant extremists who do not practice the peaceful tenets of Jesus, son of Chaste Mary. As American Muslims, we follow centuries of examples of Christians and Muslims living in absolute peace and tranquility.” Pointing to a recent report from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr. Adams elaborated on an incident where Hindus destroyed a church, but initially the crime was blamed on Muslims.
The Prime Minister gave half million rupees to each family to help rebuild the church. Justice was served. The Muslims and Christians live like brothers, with Christian towns having one hundred percent freedom and independence. “We ask for no less in our own country, which was built on religious freedom,”said Mr. Adams. A court date is set for early January, but the victims are exploring terrorism and hate crime charges.


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