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May 14, 2013

What is disease?   Disease is a disruption of the normal functions of man, woman, child, animal and/or plant.  Disease is also a crisis in the body.  Disease appears when excess toxins enter the body, and they send the system into over-ride.  

This over abundance of toxins, attack, infects, and dismantles the immune system.   Often these toxins become trapped in one area, making it harder to remove them.  Trapped toxins have many names, warts, boils, tumors, swellings and inflammation.  

Toxemia is the cause of all illnesses.  All diseases are one, in the sense that they stem from imbalance, inflammation, high acidity, excessive mucus, diarrhea, and or constipation.  When your body is riddled with disease one of the aforementioned symptoms are usually present.  When we remove the cause of illness our health returns, InshAllah.  

Modern medicine treats the symptoms and not the cause.  If we continue to poison ourselves our health will gradually depreciate.  Name any illness and the root cause is due to toxic overload.  The aging process is speed up by consuming toxins.   

Everyday foods are laced with impurities.  Fast foods are the worst.  It is important to be aware of what is halal and haram.  Your ibadah will not be accepted consuming haram foods.  Read food labels, what is in McDonalds fries?  What are the ingredients inside of their coffee latte, or their hot apple pie?  Having a diet that is high in toxicity isn’t worth your trouble.   Coffee, powdered and liquid creamers are full of plastic, inorganic dairy products, excess sugar; chemical additives found in processed foods, store bought pies and cookies, fried foods using hydrogenated oils; all processed foods, drugs, food dyes, genetically modified foods (GMO’s), acidic foods such as junk foods, and trans fats are causes of disease.  Trans fats, which are in processed foods, not only age you but they cause chronic inflammation.   

Clinical studies reveal that trans fats also damage the lungs, clog our arteries, increase chances of arthritis, attack our immune system, and cause autoimmune diseases.  Over the last century, scientists have discovered many microorganisms that cause diseases in humans and animals.  

We should always remember that the best treatment for disease is prevention.  If you look at the top ten illnesses you will find that they are all curable, and treatable.  Diseases such as Lupus, Asthma, Cancer, Aids, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Arthritis, Influenza, Eczema, and Hepatitis can be dramatically improved and often erased if you eat for health.  Allow your food to be your medicine.   Remove the cause and your health will return, InshAllah.  

Over eating is another reason for illness, and disease.  Excessive food causes gas pressure in the colon.  Excessive gas in the body interferes with the heart, and the circulation of the blood.  This causes nutrition to be disturbed, and it can also cause intestinal and glandular infections.  If you want to be healthy you should put the best foods you can into your diet.  Read labels, eat organic, Fresh greens, vegetable juices, and grass fed animals.  

Disease creeps into existence because we are not fully aware of what exactly is harmful and toxic.  The sad news is that mostly everything is.  Lotions, perfumes, hand and spray sanitizers such as Lysol, petroleum jelly, mineral oil, room fresheners and toothpaste are all toxic.  If you don’t believe it do your own research.  

So now the question is how healthy do you want to be?  Do you want to be disease free?  Are you able to stay away from the harmful foods and cosmetics?  Are you hooked on the easy way of living to the point of illness?  

There is also the spiritual side to healing.  Your deeds do play a role in your well being.  What you say (cursing and backbiting), looking at pornography, lustful stares, and the things you do, breaking Allah’s Law, affect you too.  

What is meant to happen to you won’t miss you.  Allah Ta Ala is the Healer.  Following the middle course and making a conscience effort to eat better can change your life.  Remember eat less, talk less, and sleep less.  Don’t put so much importance on eating.  Special occasions, celebrations, Jumma, and festivals should be the time for concentration on extraordinary meals.  Cooking shows, fast food, and overeating is making us fat, and sick.  

Medications have so many side effects.  However grabbing a Tylenol is the most popular method of solving an illness.  Maybe someday in the near distant future when drugs are no longer affordable, you may need a list of herbs to cure basically all illnesses.  Here is a list of some of the most important herbs to have in your home;

Rosemary, ginger, thyme, peppermint, garlic, hawthorn, ginkgo biloba, bilberry, myrrh, red raspberry, echinacea, milk thistle, astragalus, ginseng, (for males), don qui (for females), cayenne, sage, red clover, licorice, saw palmetto, eye bright, lemon balm, dandelions, cinnamon, turmeric, black seed, and fennel.

Start collecting them while you can, make a little log for yourself, keep notes of what you used them for.  Become an Herbalist and spread your knowledge and help others do the same.

May 7, 2013


The American Flavor Industry has a yearly revenue of $1.4 billion. They put the spice in chips, cookies, ice cream, dips, sips, and soda-continually bring us “NEW” and improved flavors to try. They are a very busy industry that is constantly searching for better flavors to entice younger and younger consumers. 


However, the method of creating chemical additive is surrounded in mystery. The FDA does not require flavor companies to disclose ingredients as long as all the ingredients are considered safe. T his policy allows flavor companies to protect their secret formulas. Scientists can create hundreds and hundreds of synthetic flavors for food manufacturers. The out-come of all of this science can be experienced by you when you eat cheese flavored potato chips, sour cream tortilla chips, artificial butter flavors, banana flavors etc. They are using the human sense of taste and smell to lure us into their web of experimentation. Our human rights have been violated. We deserve to know what is inside of everything we eat. We should care and make wise decisions in our eating and what we apply to our skin. Could you be consuming pork, yes you could? Could you be consuming humans, yes you could! 

The flavor company Senomyx (sin-they DO-mix), has been hired by the Pepsi company, to develop new tastes for their products. This company uses flavor enhancing chemicals using human embryonic kidney tissue. This is considered an ordinary business operation, in their book no worries should be given to this method. The remains of aborted children are being used for profit and many Americans are unaware of it. Using human embryonic kidney (HEK-293) to produce flavor enhancers is approved of by the FDA, and the Obama Administration. This food flavoring isn’t just in Pepsi it is also used in other foods this company sell. Here is a list of foods that the Pepsi company owns: Breakfast Bars, Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, Quaker Chewy, Granola Cocoa Bars, Quaker Dipps Granola Bars, Quaker Fruit & Oatmeal Bars, Quaker Life Bar, Quaker Oatmeal to Go Bars, Coffee Drinks, Seattle’s Best Coffee, Starbucks DoubleShot, Starbucks Frappuccino, Starbucks Iced Coffee, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Dr. Pepper, 7up, Squirt, A&W Root Beer, Canada Dry, Crush, Hawaiian Punch, 

Deja Blue, Diet Rite, Country Time (Under license from Kraft Foods), Gini, Hires, IBC Root Beer, Orangina (Only owned by Pepsico everywhere else Suntory owns it), Welch’s (Under license from Welch’s), Mistic, Mr. & Ms. T, Mott’s, Nantucket Nectars, Nehi, RC Cola, ReaLemon, Rose’s Lime Juice, Schweppes, Snapple, Stewart’s Fountain Classics, Sun Drop, Tahitian Treat,Venom Energy Drink,Vernors and Yoo-hoo. 

What is the difference between artificial ingredients and natural ingredients, not much? We are usually fooled when we read natural ingredients. One of the ingredients that flavor companies call natural is Castoreum. This substance considered a ‘natural flavoring,’ comes from a beaver’s rear end. It is an extract in their anal gland. It can be used in artificial raspberry flavors. This can be in teas, chewing gum, baked goods, soft candy, pudding, frozen dairy products, hard candy, yogurts, or fruit flavored drinks. When you see natural flavoring, you now have a better idea of what you are eating. 

Artificial flavorings are the same as natural flavorings. They are both created inside of a laboratory. Trained professionals or “Flavorists” blend chemicals together. T he flavorist chooses to use natural substances (isolated from nature) or synthetic chemicals to make a fl avor. T hese c hemicals h arm u s. Long term use of any chemical causes toxic overload and grave illnesses. The side effects are endless. Unexplained pain, rashes, high blood pressure, heart disease, autism, auto immune diseases, diabetics, and the list goes on. If you cannot read or pronounce the ingredients in your food why eat it? We must stop polluting our bodies. We were created to worship our Allah Almighty. We must maintain the best of health, and do no harm to ourselves. You have to read the labels on everything. Generation after generation have been polluted unknowingly. We have to stop killing ourselves with the poisons in the food we eat.

February 11, 2010

Vitamins, minerals and supplements are now considered toxic and therefore harmful and have been banned. A commission sponsored by the United Nations Health Organization, and supported by the U.S Food and Drug Administration have banned over the counter herbs, minerals, and supplements.

As the ball was dropped in Times Square in N.Y symbolizing a new year, so too were the veils lifted on December 31, 2009 when a new law that prohibits all God given natural and healing herbs, foods, and food by-products went into effect. The truth in this case is stranger than fiction. Vitamins, minerals and supplements are now considered toxic and therefore harmful and have been banned. A commission sponsored by the United Nations Health Organization, and supported by the U.S Food and Drug Administration have banned over the counter herbs, minerals, and supplements.