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May 15, 2015

(Hancock, NY, May 15, 2015) FBI officials arrested and charged former 4th Congressional District candidate Robert R. Doggart of Signal Mountain, Tennessee in connection with a plot to kill residents and destroy the school and mosque of the Muslim village of Islamberg in Hancock, NY. The criminal complaint, filed in federal court April 20 in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Tennessee, shows Doggart, age 63, planned to use an M4 rifle, explosives, machete and if needed snipers. He warned that those who joined his team should prepare for hand-to-hand combat with any residents encountered in his pursuit. The Muslims of America, Inc., the religious organization under threat, was notified of the danger and worked with state and federal officials to provide residents with round the clock security.








Court records show that Doggart is a graduate of LaSalle University with both masters and doctorate degrees, and is an engineer by training and trade who ran for U.S. Representative in the 2014 election. Doggart’s plan to bomb Islamberg served to put the United States government on notice of his gripes. "I got this battalion that I command and they want to go take action. [They] are so sick and tired of the crap the government is pulling that we go take a small military installation or we go burn down a Muslim church…," reported Doggart in a wire tapped telephone conversation.
The criminal affidavit also indicates that Doggart travelled to South Carolina and Texas to meet with members of so-called militia who shared a similar hatred of the U.S. and Muslims. This activity matches an increase in unwelcomed strangers visiting properties of The Muslims of America in South Carolina, Texas and other states. Interestingly, RSS Internet posts by Doggart on August 28, 2014, show he did in fact go to a TMOA location in Tennessee, “I traveled to Dover, Tennessee in Stewart County yesterday…”. On Saturday, May 9, 2015, Islamberg residents reported to authorities a suspicious pickup truck at the entrance to their property with an insignia on the back titled “10th Mountain Division”. When approached, the vehicle drove off speedily. Doggart sold his evil scheme against Islamberg as a suicide mission where losing his life was worth the sacrifice, "If Hancock, NY happens, so be it. And I'll do what I have to do.  If there's a gunfight, well there's a gunfight…if it's necessary to die then that's a good way to die.” The federal authorities monitored all of Doggart’s electronic and telephone communications and eventually arrested him on April 10 just as he was planning to go to New York to conduct his own “reconnaissance” of Islamberg.
The complaint lists Doggart declarations about the “reconnaissance” trip wherein he says, “I’ll probably bring my M4 with me just in case”.

Members of The Muslims of America primarily consist of African American Muslims of the Sunni sect of Islam who are indigenous Americans with Islamic roots spanning four generations. The first generations were mainly converts from various branches of Christianity. Local law enforcement and neighbors have nothing negative to say about the Islamberg community. The Public Relations Director for The Muslims of America, Muhammad Matthew Gardner vehemently expressed, “Doggart is an example of the results of unchecked and rampant Islamophobia which has spread lies for years about our peaceful community. This man plotted to mercilessly kill us, kill our children, and blow up our mosque and our school. We have sound reason to believe he has already visited our other locations around the U.S. What other murderous plans do he and his private militia have and where are his accomplices? All would agree, if a Muslim did this, the perpetrator would be immediately identified as a terrorist then prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. The examples are numerous. Therefore, we call on all branches of justice to see to it that this man is prosecuted for planning a heinous hate crime and terrorist act.”

Within days of being charged, Doggart admitted his guilt and a plea agreement was filed in court on the only remaining charge- one count of communicating a threat to injure a person. The agreement has not been accepted by the court pending a hearing on a technical issue. Unbelievably, Doggart does not face any charges of a hate crime or terrorism. Doggart was released to his home on bond subject to conditions including electronic monitoring. “Unfortunately, in the same set of circumstances, our community would be facing unprecedented aggression and prosecution with labels of terrorism,” said Gardner, “We do not want to be victimized twice. Once by Doggart and again if this criminal is set free. Therefore we intend to give the judicial system any support they need to properly sentence him.”


The Muslims of America, Inc., is soon scheduling an invitation-only press conference to address this matter. Members of the media are welcome to attend after applying for and receiving a press pass. To apply for a press pass, please visit To watch for confirmation of press conference date and location, visit The Muslims of America, Inc. (TMOA) is an indigenous American Muslim organization founded in 1980 and based in the United States of America. TMOA is dedicated to maintaining Islamic principles to be practiced in both letter and spirit by forming communities focused on love for the Almighty Creator and His Commandments, along with the establishment of long-lasting relationships with our Christian brethren through our interfaith programs.

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Muhammad Matthew Gardner

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April 5, 2015


Muhammad Ali Qadri

Public Relations

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Hancock, NY, April 4, 2015 — A joint meeting was held in Islamberg, New York under the chairmanship of Maulana Hussein Abu Bakr Qadri (NY) and attended by the following Ulama:  Maulana Husain M. Abdallah Qadri (NY), Maulana Muhammad Abdul Mumin Qadri (NY), Maulana Saiid Abdul Kareem Qadri (GA), Maulana Sayeed Shakir Qadri (SC), Maulana Sulaiman Abdur Rahim Qadri (TN), Maulana Ismail Abdul Haqq Qadri (VA), Maulana Ismail Abdur Rahmaan Qadri (CAN) and Maulana Nur Muhammad Qadri (NJ).

The emergency meeting was called into session at the International Quranic Open University Meeting Hall, to discuss the Yemen-Saudi conflict. The American Ulama were pleased with the resolution  passed by the following Ulama of Al-Azhar, Maulana M. Mahmud Abdussabur Al-Qadri Al-Azhari, Maulana M. Jamaaludin A. Wahid Al-Qadri Al-Azhari, and Maulana Hassan Ali Peay Al-Qadri Al-Azhari, after which they jointly declared, “This is not a war involving the religion of Al-Islam. Rather it is a war between Wahhabism and Shiism.”

The learned participants issued the following joint statement,“We wish to clarify to the entire world that this war has nothing to do with Islam and the groups involved; the Wahhabis from Saudi Arabia and the Shiite Houthi rebels from Yemen are unfortunately misled.”  According to the assemblage of scholars, each of these groups has its own history that contradicts the tenets of Al-Islam, proving that they do not adhere to Islamic principles. Maulana Husain M. Abdallah Qadri stated, “The involvement of Saudi Arabia, which is home to two of Islam’s holiest sites, has mistakenly led many people to believe that it is a war concerning Islam. It is incumbent upon us to present to the world the truth about the nature of the Yemen-Saudi conflict.”   

The Azhari Ulama thoroughly explained that Wahhabism is neither a sect of Islam nor Islamic, but a different and separate religion. “The tenets of Wahhabism declare all who disagree with their beliefs as heretics and unbelievers--even if they are Muslims.  The Shiites also have their

own doctrine and it must not be confused with Islam. Their practices and rituals are often outside of Islamic Sharia, and they reject the Sunnah of the Holy Last Messenger (Peace Be Upon Him); key elements to practicing true Islam.” said Maulana M. Jamaaludin Abdul-Wahid Al-Qadri Al-Azhari.

The Ulama have urged Pakistan and other countries in the region to speak out regarding the truth and to abstain from joining in a conflict that will only exacerbate and spread chaos and bloodshed throughout the world. Samson Simon Sharaf, a retired officer of the Pakistan Army warned that Pakistan continues to be sucked into sectarian strife. In his  article for a Pakistani newspaper, The Nation  he stated, “ The Saudi’s have a long history of intrigue and infighting. Pakistans only role will be to watch over the patrimonial guards of this house of Saud. Pakistan is a country willing to hold a gun to its own head.”   Maulana Nur Muhammad Qadri,  a leading Pakistani- American scholar declared, “The best course for Pakistan and other countries is to solve the problem through negotiation and refrain from involving in this conflict.”

Maulana Hussein Abu Bakr Qadri, Chairperson

Muhammad Ali Qadri, Secretary of Information


The Muslims of America, Inc. (TMOA), is the only indigenous American Muslim organization based in the United States of America. Founded in 1980 by Imam of The Muslims of America, El Sheikh Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani, TMOA is dedicated to establishing and maintaining Islamic principles to be practiced in both letter and spirit while fulfilling and embracing obligations as American citizens.

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August 31, 2014

August 31, 2014
Contact: Matthew Gardner
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NEW YORK, NY -- A delegation of American Muslims representing the International Quranic Open University has visited the United Nations in response to media reports of imminent danger and lawless revolution being instigated by Tahir ul Qadri, a Canadian citizen, in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The group is petitioning that the Secretary General Ban Ki Moon address the precarious situation of thousands of women and children who have been suffering in the elements since August 14, without proper accommodations, before the violent confrontation that Qadri is threatening endangers the lives of these innocents who have been deceived and brainwashed into engaging in a suicidal storming of the Parliament building.

Tahir ul Qadri is using the well-known tactics of the ‘Mullah mafia’, which is very active in Pakistan. Their strategy is to bring innocent women and children in the forefront of
potentially violent situations hoping that when their lives are sacrificed it will garner international sympathies and enable the Mullahs to achieve their objectives. This was
done in Islamabad at the Red Masjid in 2007, when the Mullahs intentionally allowed their students to become gun fodder for the army’s attack. That resulted in the current unending insurgency and violent uprising of Taliban in Pakistan. Similarly, it was unnecessary for the female staff of Tahir ul Qadri’s school to guard the premises and fight with the police, resulting in deaths, which are being used to register a case against the government. The individuals who have joined Qadri’s procession are mainly the staff and students of his private university along with their children. He is endangering their lives hoping that the imminent carnage will bring life to his cause. In reality, it will usher in an unending wave of bloodshed and civil strife throughout Pakistan. The government has become helpless and powerless to save those innocent lives from perishing under the harsh open skies, lack of food and shelter and finally death, when they are ordered to  attack the parliament house. This must be stopped immediately.

The American Muslim scholars of Al Azhar University have passed a fatwa exposing the fact that Mr. Qadri is a fraud. Dr. Jemille Smith, MD, well-known psychiatric practitioner has stated,  “ I have been observing him and watching his speeches and judging from his behavior and talks, it is evident that he suffers from paranoia and delusions of grandeur. He should immediately be committed to a mental institute, and the lives of thousands of innocent people be saved before he uses them as human shields.” The Staff and Students of the International Quranic Open University at Islamberg, New York demand that the UN steps in to save innocent lives before it is too late.”

The United Nations is hereby requested to take immediate action to rescue the thousands of helpless women and children of Pakistan who have been misguided, deceived and brainwashed with incendiary political rhetoric by ordering Tahir ul Qadri to desist from his inflammatory threats of a bloody revolution.

International Quranic Open University
Department of Human Rights

December 22, 2013

The Muslims of America, Inc.
Contact: Matthew Gardner
Public Relation
(434) 825-2283

December 22, 2013

(York, SC) A gunman trespassed onto the property of The Muslims of America, Inc. (TMOA), in York County, South Carolina, during the night of December 21, firing his weapon towards the homes of peaceful residents. The man began shooting from the woods nearby, causing innocent men, women and children to seek cover as bullets flew by. The property is hosting the Muslim Scouts of America (MSA) who were concluding their first day of activities with dozens of youth when the incident took place.
Shocked and terrified, the scouts and residents watched as the man brazenly came forward screaming obscenities at the crowd he had just attempted to murder. The man was clearly identified as a neighbor who lives only yards away from long time resident Hadia Rashid, who could barely speak, thinking of what may have happened as her grandchildren often freely come and go within firing range of the assailant.
Law enforcement was immediately contacted. An investigation at the home of the gunman confirmed with his wife that he was the aggressor. Authorities also discovered the bullet casings supporting eyewitness claims; therefore, the intoxicated man was arrested and charged with unlawfully discharging a firearm and trespassing. “This is an act of terrorism and attempted murder!” exclaimed resident Ramadan Shakir. “Had the tables been turned the entire county of law enforcement would have descended upon us and terrorism would have been the first charge. We demand equal justice under the law.”
This is not the first time The Muslims of America have been subjected to similar attacks. In November of 2012, unknown aggressors fired thirteen gunshots onto their property in Virginia with no regard for the life of residents sleeping nearby. This past summer, at TMOA headquarters in Hancock, New York, several instances of criminal trespassing took place with one particularly frightening incident that included two eastern European men driving up in a van with strange equipment loaded in the back. Days after, two other men were arrested in nearby Albany for building and testing a weapon of mass destruction, specifically a powerful X-Ray gun mounted to the back of a van meant to kill Muslim victims with lethal amounts of radiation.
As police were arresting the man in South Carolina, residents could hear the criminal’s taunting statements as he yelled, “You have no idea what you started…better call damage control…cause this is blowing up…terrorists!” It is well known that comments such as these are a product of the rise of Islamophobia in America, but the violence will not be met with retaliation.
The Chief Executive of The Muslims of America, Mr. Hussein Adams confirmed, “We will not be provoked to retaliate with violence, but instead will seek justice in the courts by pressing for this assault to be registered as terrorism and a hate crime.”
Without such charges, the man could be released soon, returning to the property to exact his revenge.
The Muslims of America are in the middle of a multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit against the Christian Action Network, based in Virginia, whom they say propagates hate that serves to provoke similar responses from its supporters. Members of TMOA stress that there is no enmity between Muslims and Christians. Mr. Adams explains, “Organizations such as CAN hide behind the word “Christian” when in fact they are intolerant extremists who do not practice the peaceful tenets of Jesus, son of Chaste Mary. As American Muslims, we follow centuries of examples of Christians and Muslims living in absolute peace and tranquility.” Pointing to a recent report from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Mr. Adams elaborated on an incident where Hindus destroyed a church, but initially the crime was blamed on Muslims.
The Prime Minister gave half million rupees to each family to help rebuild the church. Justice was served. The Muslims and Christians live like brothers, with Christian towns having one hundred percent freedom and independence. “We ask for no less in our own country, which was built on religious freedom,”said Mr. Adams. A court date is set for early January, but the victims are exploring terrorism and hate crime charges.


September 19, 2013

Contact: Matthew Gardner

Phone: (434) 825-2283



(Washington, DC) Muslims throughout the United States of America condemn the use of chemical warfare on the people of Syria as inhumane, emphasizing that no government should be allowed to use them. For this reason, we appeal to the Secretary General of the United Nations to demonstrate equal concern about the weapons of mass destruction that have been manufactured in the U.S. for the purpose of killing American Muslims. In June 2013, two men, Glen Scott Crawford, a G.E. employee, and his only named accomplice Eric Feight were arrested in Albany, New York after being charged with “conspiracy to provide material support, or resources, intending that they be used in preparation for, or in carrying out… a weapon of mass destruction”, said the criminal complaint. The pair built a “radiation-emitting device that could be placed in the back of a van to covertly emit ionizing radiation…”. The device was designed to target and eliminate Muslims, in America and outside, with an X-ray gun intended to be worse than Hiroshima.


We demand the United Nations immediately send inspectors to the U.S. to examine the weapon, as the pair was already successful in testing the remote triggering device. How many weapons have been built? How many additional suspects need apprehending? An FBI affidavit identified as many as eight accomplices who have remained unnamed with no arrests.


Over three months ago, USA Today reported that the federal authorities uncovered the builders of the lethal X-ray device were “allegedly planning to build a mobile X-ray weapon to kill Muslims and other "enemies of Israel". Three months after initial arrests, no further action been taken. Will American Muslims suffer the same fate as the people of Syria? Will Muslims be attacked in their own country? American Muslims fully endorse swift action against all forms of weapons of mass destruction and implore the international community to recognize this viable threat to the safety and peace of citizens of the United States of America.


The danger is apparently still great for all Muslims living in America under threat of use of this weapon of mass destruction for which the number of weapons manufactured is still unknown. The Muslims of America, Inc. (TMOA) have suffered escalating attacks against their residential properties and residents since the launching of a defamation lawsuit against the extremist group Christian Action Network (CAN) and its president Martin Mawyer related to release of an inflammatory book. Based in Hancock, New York, The Muslims of America have reported to law enforcement the appearance of intruders on several properties across the country including the states of Virginia, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee and Georgia. In New York, days before the Crawford and Feight arrests, residents identified intruders with heavy Eastern European accents, possibly Russian Jews, who drove onto the property in a van with strange, partially hidden and mounted equipment. In Texas, a man drove past TMOA property for hours, harassed neighbors for information and then trespassed before being stopped by the Muslim residents. The Texas trespasser’s vehicle was registered to a man connected to the Himeni Ministries, a Christian Zionist Church and Act for America!, a known anti-Islam organization. In South Carolina, during a Ladies Summer Program, multiple incidents were reported of suspicious persons posing as salesman descending on the homes of Muslim residents’ homes. In addition, shots fired upon the property prompted a meeting with FBI and local law enforcement to warn about the growing danger as shown in the increased incidents of hate crimes against the TMOA community across the country. In Virginia, thirteen shots rang out in the dark of night endangering innocent men, women and children as the assailants fired into the TMOA sign on the property. Nevertheless, unchecked by law enforcement, dangerous front organizations continue to spread Islamophobic propaganda while publicly posturing as enemies of Islam, but who are in actuality, the real enemies of America. Unfortunately, as good citizens, when these incidents of violence are brought to the attention of the authorities, it is claimed there is no evidence to arrest the perpetrators.


We, American Muslims, demand justice and protection. We assert there is no blame on the American government nor the American people for these front organizations who are promoting fear and Islamophobia as a tool in their aim to destroy America by using the American people, American money, and the blood of innocent Americans to fight their wars -proxy wars. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, yet who were among the thousands killed - it was Americans’ citizens, Muslims and Christians alike, who lost their lives in the devastating proxy war in Iraq. Americans, be they Muslim or Christian, all are suffering due to them.

As America takes up the just cause of eliminating chemical warfare being used against the Syrian people, we beseech the international community to turn its attention to the weapons of mass destruction already manufactured to be used right here against innocent Americans.





Hon. K. Hussein Adams



Hon. Khadijah Smith

Vice President


Hon. Khadija A. Salaam


July 8, 2013

Many Americans are unaware of the honored position Jesus son of Mary (peace be upon him) holds in Islam, wherein there is no dispute of his immaculate conception as commanded by Almighty God.  His mother, the blessed Mary (Maryam in Arabic), was a virgin and an honored lady.  There is no discrepancy among Muslims regarding these facts because Holy Quran is the only book that delineates the virgin birth, it being a miracle and personal handiwork of God.  Numerous chapters throughout Holy Quran provide proof of Jesus son of Mary’s birth and mission.

The ignorance of Islam’s reverence for Jesus, son of Mary is now being seized and manipulated by individuals posing as Christians in order to wreak havoc against the citizens of our great country.  These religious zealots and criminals seek to dissolve Christian-Muslim unity in the United States, and all over the world, by spreading false propaganda, fabricating outright lies and using media to disseminate their anti-Muslim and anti-religious agenda. Individuals like Martin Mawyer and Rev. Robert Spencer; organizations like the Christian Action Network and the American Thinker’s, who promulgated a “Step-by-Step Guide to Smiting Muslims”, are all guilty of this.  The machinations of these individuals and groups include egregious lies such as labeling the shoe bomber, Richard Reid, a Muslim. Sensational stories have increased the popularity of these groups, which has allowed them to obtain financial support for their so-called crusade against Muslims.

Irrespective of the efforts of God’s enemies, truth will always rise above falsehood. Each day brings to light their notorious and evil schemes with the Almighty rendering their plots fruitless.  As American Muslims, we appeal and invite Churches, our Christian brothers, Muslims, friends and neighbors to stand firm with us against these conspiracies and promoters of hatred, Islamophobia and intolerance.  Our creed is enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong.  We denounce those who claim to be Muslim, but whose actions are against Islam and its teachings of peace, tolerance and respect of all faiths. Groups such as the Wahabis, Taliban and Takfiris are currently murdering Christians and Muslims who attempt to safeguard their lives according to Islam’s teachings as recently witnessed in Homs, Syria.  Evil and barbarism have no place in our world.  The United Muslim Christian Forum (UMCF) teaches by example how Christians and Muslims can impact the world and invoke positive change together.  Let the joint commemorations of the birth of Jesus son of Mary and Muhammad the Holy Last Messenger of God (peace be upon them) at both churches and masjids become a testament to what can be accomplished when believing people unite under the banner of Almighty God.

We appeal to every Christian leader, Muslim and American that loves Jesus son of Mary, to honor his teachings and examples by working diligently towards peace between people of all faiths. Defy the ways of his enemies and the enemies of the United States of America by opposing anti-Christian ideologies. Speak out against those who have hijacked Christianity and perverted it to support their ominous agenda that includes threats of a planned assassination of President Barack Obama and mass carnage through use of Weapons of Mass Destruction right here in the U.S. as proven in the recent radiation X-ray machine arrests of Glendon Scott Crawford and Eric J. Feight in Albany, New York.

Do not fall prey to the lethal practices of Martin Mawyer, Christian Action Network or any other individual or group whose agenda and behaviors are contrary to the teachings of Jesus son of Mary himself.

For more information, contact Matthew Gardner  (434) 825-2283 or

July 2, 2013

Contact: Matthew Gardner

Public Relation (434) 825-228 Email:

(Hancock, NY) The Muslims of America, Inc. is shocked to learn that two men from Albany, New York Glendon Scott Crawford and Eric J. Feight, were arrested June 18 by the FBI for acts of terrorism associated with the building of a weapon of mass destruction intended to be used against American Muslims.  The criminal complaint states the pair worked relentlessly for over a year to build a “radiation-emitting device that could be placed in the back of a van to covertly emit ionizing radiation…”. Their aim was to kill “enemies of Israel”, specifically American Muslims, while they slept. Additionally, court documents indicate the Albany plotters planned to use their weaponzied X-ray equipment against President Obama.  Crawford is a member of the KKK with ties to New York and the Carolinas.

These horrifying acts of planned terrorism against the American Muslim community come at a time when The Muslims of America, Inc. is experiencing deceitful and coordinated invasions upon their resident properties all around the country. In Hancock, NY, on June 16, two unknown trespassers with Eastern European accents and concealed equipment in the back of their Mercedes-Benz van unlawfully entered The Muslims of America, Inc. village of Islamberg, driving approximately one mile down a private rural path until they reached the community’s house of worship. A resident stopped the intruders from further advancing. The driver asked for directions to the “lakes”, but a glance at the GPS on the dash showed no bodies of water on the route. As they fled the property the trespassers were observed not following the directions provided. Two days later, a resident of Islamberg came upon two males, one speaking with an Eastern European accent and taking pictures of the property. The individual, when confronted, returned to his vehicle and sped away. The incidents were reported to the State Police and the FBI.

In Texas, the day of the Albany arrest, a small farming community of The Muslims of America, Inc. experienced a trespasser who identified himself as a land surveyor. The trespasser drove past the village farm repeatedly for approximately four hours and eventually entered onto the property uninvited. After misrepresenting himself as a homeland security representative, the trespasser informed another community member he was a land surveyor.  Shockingly, a few hours thereafter, concerned nearby residents reported to their Muslim neighbors that the man shared that he was collecting information for “Mr. Mawyer” in relation to a book. Martin Mawyer president of the ChristianAction Network is a defendant in a multi-million dollar lawsuit filed by The Muslims of America. Mawyer and his supporters have a long history of harassing members of The Muslims of America, Inc. on their property.

The frightening events transpiring in Texas and New York are more than coincidental, as other locations of The Muslims of America, Inc. have experienced unexplained and unwelcome intruders including Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee- most reporting strangers having the same Eastern European accents. Residents who came into contact with the trespassers are being sent to local hospitals to ensure no exposure to dangerous radiation. The FBI documents for Crawford and Feight do not indicate which Muslim community was targeted by the two Albany men, or how many accomplices remain at large who wish to bring harm to American Muslims.

Although a grave plot, the facts have been suppressed as few news media outlets have covered the story.  The Muslims of America, Inc. recognize this apparent Zionist plot to commit acts of genocide against American Muslims by using weapons of mass destruction and suppressing the facts. When Fox News falsely accused Iraq of having WMDs the story was repeated around the world for months. Today, a devastating weapon of mass destruction has actually been built on American soil to be used against Americans and there is virtually no media coverage from Fox or other news services. Appallingly, some irresponsible media are making jokes that the KKK does not have the capability of building this type of weapon. Nevertheless, the facts are clear and therefore not only American Muslims, but all Americans should be concerned as a weapon of mass destruction was intended to do mass harm- murdering innocents. Credible sources have already indicated the device was slated to be exported out of the country. For the safety of all citizens, The Muslims of America, Inc will utilize every available avenue to expose this plot and petition President Obama to demand immediate police and government protection.


USA TODAY: “Two Men Accused of Plotting to Kill Muslims in New York
With X-Ray Weapon”

June 18, 2013


When neuroscientist Mohamed Ghilan researched the reason for unparalleled scientific discovery and advancement by Muslims during the golden age of Islam, he found a link between memorizing Holy Quran, improved thinking and scientific discovery. When learning Holy Quran the careful attention to listening and pronunciation stimulates an area of the brain in the temporal lobe which is the memory consolidation center. The more activation this area receives, such as what occurs when memorizing Holy Quran, the better and more efficient the temporal lobe becomes in its capacity for learning and memory. His findings shed new light on what some scientists have admitted was a rate of achievement by Muslims yet to be replicated anywhere in the world. In fact one non Muslim professor of a class on the History of Science stated that were it not for political problems and discord, Muslims would have reached the moon by the 1400’s.    

This understanding about the Islamic education system that shaped the brains and thinking of a civilization has been spoken about by many Muslim religious scholars Mr Ghilan noted. The scholars often reflect that when Muslims were the leaders, the Holy Quran was at the centre of their education system. However when they abandoned the Holy Quran they lost their reign. Mr Ghilan’s study looked beyond the spiritual and moral aspect into what actually takes place in the brain. He was able to identify a long list of brain and other human functions that are enhanced by studying Holy Quran.

His information came from his teachers and reading the biographies of Traditional Muslim Scholars such as Ibn Rushd and Ibn Sina. Also he personally experienced how Muslims become scholars in the traditional Muslim world. Mr Ghilan has learnt that the very first thing taught to an aspiring student was the Quran. Holy Quran had to be memorized completely. The process of memorization involves Arabic “Tajweed” which meant that students had to pronounce letters and words correctly by learning how to generate letter sounds from the mouth or throat. They also had to place the tongue in the correct position. Then the “Quranic ayats” were written on a wooden board in the Othmani script following specific spelling rules which are different from regular Arabic writing. The student then left to memorize the “ayat”.

A beginning student repeated one verse several times from the board under his teacher’s guidance to memorize the spelling. This was written and repeated at home until the next day before returning to class. The student then repeated the verse accurately before receiving the next verse to memorize. On the third day the first ayat was repeated once, the second ayat multiple times and a third ayat was given to memorize. By day four the first ayat would have taken hold in the memory and was not repeated. The second verse replaced it for review and the memorization cycle was repeated until the end of the week when a complete review of all that was learnt was done.   

Using this method of memorization and writing, the capacity for memory was increased over time. The student was then able to learn larger sections at a time. Eventually the entire Quran with over 6,236 ayats was memorized correctly in one mode of recitation. The student then had to review the entire Quran on a monthly basis so as not to forget it. Some students actually went on to learn all 10 modes of reciting Holy Quran. After the Holy Quran was mastered the brain was “trained” and students in their early teens went on to learn and excel in science and other fields of knowledge.

Some noteworthy features of the glorious Quran relate to its rhythmic sound. Ayats in the Quran rhyme and change rhythm often, which gives a pleasurable effect to the listener. Also the Quran is sung (recited?) rather than read as Tajweed forces the reciter to sing (in a rhythmic pattern/recitation) in order to enunciate the words accurately. This entire process has been linked to the brain by Mr Ghilan. He noted that the brain is a malleable organ that can change its connections and even the size of certain areas based on how active they become. Understanding how involved the brain of someone learning the Quran using the traditional Muslim method becomes, can explain how Muslims were able to achieve such success in their knowledge endeavors.

Listening and pronunciation during memorization stimulates the temporal lobe which contains the hippocampus- the memory centre of the brain. This is the same region used to process musical sounds such as occurs when Holy Quran is recited. Also as the student writes, the same region is activated thereby increasing the person’s aptitude for learning new information. As activation of this region increases it becomes better at learning and memorization.

Mr. Ghilan explained that the parietal lobes also become quite heavily engaged during memorization of Holy Quran. The left parietal lobe processes reading, writing and speech as well as math and logic problems. The right parietal lobe manages speech tone, which is related to elocution (pronunciation). It is also responsible for visuospatial relationships and understanding facial expressions. The front part is responsible for the sense of touch discrimination and recognition, which is active during handwriting. The back part plays an important role in attention. Both lobes are also activated during skill learning tasks. Generally the stimulation to the parietal lobes that could be derived from memorization of Holy Quran can result in better logic and math-solving skills, eloquence in speech and improved ability to read emotional states from facial cues. It can also improve the student’s attention and capacity for understanding visuospatial relationships. Improved visuospatial understanding can explain why Muslims were so good at astronomy.

Quranic recitation also strongly activates the frontal lobes and the primary motor cortex of the brain. The frontal lobes deal with higher order functions such as working memory, memory retrieval, speech production and written-word recognition, sustained attention, planning and social behavior. When a student was for example reading the Othamni script, his brain had to quickly decide on the proper pronunciation of the word and distinguish it from other possibilities. Remarkably with practice the brain will do these things without conscious control from the student. This trains the area of the brain responsible for inhibition, which is important for interacting with people. Studies have shown that children with ADHD have under-development in this area of the brain.

Additionally, the descriptions of individuals and places contained in Holy Quran activate the occipital lobes, which assist in generating mental imagery. This brain region is also important for visual perception. Increasing the capacity for mental imagery also indirectly improves visual perception capacities which are activated within the same region. The historical accounts, parables and logical arguments contained in Holy Quran also utilize different areas of the brain and help the brain to become more efficient and better connected due to the continual activation that occurs with consistent review sessions.

Today traditional methods of education are difficult to locate. Mr. Ghilan reported that he found this method of teaching Holy Quran among the Bedouin scholars in the Sahara desert of West Africa. They are brilliant. However because they do not have access to modern technology and science, their brilliance is limited to Islamic sciences. He suggested that the world needs a “Traditional Islamic Education/ Technology” hybrid programme that places the Holy Quran at the centre of the education system.  

Further reading-


Newsweek article (January) by Sharon Begley, author of “Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain”. How memorization of e.g. Shakespearan sonnets, can help to increase IQ. Link to the article:

June 18, 2013


It has been recently reported by CNN that the new film in the Twilight movie series has induced in-theater seizures in many of the patrons who went to view it.  It was also CNN that last year reported that the film Avatar had a similar effect.  This phenomenon is not new however, for it has been connected to movies and video games in the past.  In 1997 thousands of school children reported to Japanese hospitals with epileptic activity as a result of watching an episode of the Pokémon cartoon.  The earliest of these incidents was reported in the 1980s when children playing the Nintendo gaming system began having seizures after playing a few of their games.  It occurred in such a frequency that it prompted the game maker to issue the following warning:   “WARNING: A very small portion of the population have a condition which may cause them to experience epileptic seizures or have momentary loss of consciousness when viewing certain kinds of flashing lights or patterns that are commonly present in our daily environment.…If you or your child experience any of the following symptoms: dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitching, involuntary movements, loss of awareness, disorientation, or convulsions, DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY and consult your physician”.  

As with all the above mentioned occurrences, the etiology was thought to be the same.  It is believed that all the people who suffered these seizures actually had a condition that predisposed them to epileptic activity.   Photosensitive Epilepsy(or PSE) , as it is called, is thought to be a result of these individuals being exposed to bright flashing patterns of red, black and white light.  It is estimated that 1 in every 5,000 people suffer from PSE but interestingly many of the afflicted never experience a seizure when exposed to these light configurations.

Why is that?  If these people all have the same condition why is it that many people suffering from this supposed condition PSE have no seizure activity when exposed to these patterns of light? Extrapolating on this idea it is thus possible that this explanation is inaccurate.  The true explanation lies in a scientific method that has existed since ancient times.  It is called the Sufic Scientific Method and can provide a cure for and an explanation to the many incurable and unexplainable psychiatric maladies that exist.   

It should be logical that psychology is not purely a science of the organic.  If it were there would not be so many tenets of its current practice grounded in theory.  Diagnosis of conditions would be definitive and treatments would be curative.  The problem is that many have strayed away from the true science of psychology—and its associated medical subspecialty psychiatry—in order to propagate a system in which the goal is to exploit people and make money.   The current dogma of science and medicine is at most inadequate in helping us understand these mental issues.  This being the case, diagnosing and treating mental ailments is extremely challenging and grave errors are made often—case in point the attribution of Post Avatar Depression to unfulfilled fantasies and the total attribution of epileptic seizures to flashing light patterns.    The International Quranic Open University (IQOU) has been working diligently to alert the public of the TRUE cause of these symptoms, namely possession by Jinns and the astonishing level of moral decay that exists in many societies around the globe.   Jinns are unseen entities that inhabit the world simultaneously with human beings, and often interact with them on different levels.  Sometimes the interactions are congenial but for the most part these exchanges have troublesome results.  Due to the current level of moral unrest in our society, the amount of negative interactions has escalated.  The Abdul Qadir Gilani Sufic Science Institute (or AQJ)—a special branch of the IQOU—has been developed to instruct students in the sciences of the soul and the unseen.  

As a central purpose of the AQJ is to eradicate the scourge of mental disease from humanity, we have recently released a DVD titled Jinnology.  This discourse not only depicts the nature of Jinns—the causal organisms responsible for many mental disorders—it also contains healing for those who watch it.  

Additionally the AQJ continues to conduct research and other scientific endeavors using the El Gilani Methodology (or EGM).   For those not aware, this is a treatment modality in which Quranic chapters and other spiritual exercises are prescribed for the treatment of non-physical or spiritual afflictions—for which mental disease is the predominate category.  EGM was scientifically demonstrated extensively at a hospital in Taif, Egypt in the late 1970s and continues to be confirmed by many examples today. This modality embodies the saying “never underestimate the power of words”!  As the number of successful scientific demonstrations of EGM continue to increase, the number of people seeking this treatment is also multiplying, but at a greater rate.  As such clinics are being established all over the globe to accommodate this increasing demand.  

IQOU department of health and wellness are currently seeking to establish a center in Los Angeles, CA.  We are imploring all those who may treat mental patients, who are suffering from mental afflictions, who seek EGM, and the community at large, to assist us with this endeavor in whatever way that you can.  

As members of this department have placed their lives in jeopardy and selflessly given their monies, time, and medical expertise at catastrophic disasters such as Ground Zero, Hurricane Katrina, and the devastating earthquake in Pakistan in 2005, we have done so with the charitable gifts of the community.  Please continue this openhandedness and support this venture for we are responding to this grave crisis whose stake is the mental health of all humanity.

We are attempting to establish a fully equipped and fully staffed multipurpose clinic which will specialize in EGM, psychiatric counseling, childhood illnesses, prenatal care, and general well being. Through this new facility, medical assistance will be given to all that are in need.  The construction of the clinic is to begin immediately.

With sincere appreciation on behalf of the IQOU Health and Wellness department to you all!

Make checks and money orders payable to:
Abdul Qadir Gilani Sufic Scientific and Psychiatric Clinic of Holy Islamberg
2732B Roods Creek Road 
Hancock, New York 13783 

Payments may also be made via PayPal to:

For other means please call (607) 467-1596 (BABAH G INTERPRISES)

June 7, 2013


Roughly 113 years have passed since the University of Pennsylvania first published W.E.B DuBois’ magnificent, seminal work, “The Philadelphia Negro: A Social Study.” Now a group of university students and researchers have revisited and updated DuBois’ work through the addition of artifacts and other pieces featured on an interactive website.

The project, titled “The Ward: Race and Class in DuBois’ Seventh Ward,” and its also boasts an impressive collection of oral histories and a section dedicated to related writings; the website also features an interactive map that lays out DuBois’ target research area.

This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington for freedom and jobs, Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech,” and the death of DuBois, which was announced to the crowd assembled at the Lincoln Memorial to hear King.

“Using new technologies and old to bring this classic study to life, The Ward seeks to engage high school students and others in an honest dialog about how race and racism continue to shape our lives, today,” read a note on “The Ward.” “Along the way, we seek to teach a broad audience about DuBois’ major contributions to social science research and civil rights and draw attention to Philadelphia’s rich history and collection of primary source documents.

“DuBois was disappointed that ‘The Philadelphia Negro’ — ‘that fat volume that no one reads’ — did not have more impact on leaders of his day.

Currently, DuBois’ work is widely considered one of the greatest analyses of the African-American ethos.

According to the university, DuBois was hired at Penn in 1896 to conduct a study of Blacks living in the old Seventh Ward, which stretched from the Schuylkill River to Seventh Street, Spruce to South streets. DuBois used results from a door-to-door survey, extensive observation, interviews, and archival research to reframe the “Negro problem” as the problem Black residents faced—namely, systematic racial discrimination.

“In the second term of our first Black president, we have not yet reached the promised land of racial equality,” said Stephanie Boddie, director of the project’s new oral history collection. “We still have racism and disparities in many sectors, including education, employment and housing.”

The website also has a host of learning tools for teachers and community groups in its curriculum section, including how to teach students about DuBois, how to make “The Philadelphia Negro” more accessible and how to teach students about social science methods.

The release of the new website, materials and project name in February is timed to help teachers and families across Philadelphia and beyond honor Black History Month by learning about the struggles and accomplishments of DuBois and extraordinary local Philadelphians, both historical and contemporary.

“In Philadelphia, public high school students are required to take a course in African and African-American history, and beyond Philadelphia, all high school students take a course in U.S. history,” said Project director Amy Hillier. “But more than just a captive audience, we saw high school students as curious and hungry for engagement and challenge. Perhaps they could tackle these tricky issues of race and racism with the honesty and open-mindedness needed to affect change.”

May 25, 2013

More than 1,400 years ago, Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: “Surely, this religion will reach the boundaries of the day and night and Allah will not spare a rural or an urban dwelling except that He would cause Islam to enter it…”(Ahmad and Ibn Hibban, classified as authentic). We are witnessing the realization of this prophecy today, as Islam continues to spread from the East to the West, including North and South America, where the number of Muslims will more than double by the year 2030, according to statistical projections.

Many of the new Muslims are Latinos who are living in the US and in Latin America. Recent studies such as the The American Mosque 2011 Report reveal that the number of Latino converts in the US has been steadily increasing since the year 2000, more so than any other racial or ethnic group. Similar trends are occurring in neighboring Mexico and further south in Central and South America, where the primary language is Spanish.

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, and the official language of 21 countries. With over 50 million native speakers and second-language speakers, the United States has the second largest Spanish-speaking population in the world, after Mexico. Spanish is the most studied foreign language in the US.

In the Holy Qur’an, God says, “And We sent not a Messenger except with the language of his people, in order that he might make (the Message) clear for them. Then Allah misleads whom He wills and guides whom He wills. And He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise”(Qur’an, 14:4). This points to the importance of providing educational materials about Islam in all languages. And due to the dramatically rising number of Spanish-speaking Muslim converts in the US, the need for resources in Spanish cannot be ignored.

ICNA and its WhyIslam project are among the few organizations providing services for this demographic, with Spanish-speaking operators on the 1-877-WhyIslam hotline, educational material in Spanish, Spanish sessions during the annual ICNA-MAS convention, and The Message International magazine now featuring articles in the Spanish language.

Islam is an integral part of Latino history and culture and as such, Hispanics who choose to become Muslim are merely re discovering and embracing their past. Through our efforts, with God’s help, we can share the message with our brothers and sisters in humanity and facilitate the success of their transition.

May 24, 2013

In the Old Testament, the wife of God’s Holy Messenger, Lot, ignored God’s admonition not to look back at the cities he was destroying as they left, and according to the book of Genesis, was turned into a pillar of salt.

It defies reason why people would bathe in the Dead Sea and seek healing from its water, salt and sulphur, when the Lake of Lot became deadly to living creatures after a severe punishment afflicted the towns of Sodom and Gomorrah in the immediate vicinity.

The Torah relays the consequences of even a glance in the direction of the horrible destruction that took place as a result of the towns’ perversions. Yet, mankind sunk to new lows in September, when thousands of Israelis gathered, stripped bare, and were photographed en masse at the site.

This dreadful work was organized by one Spencer Tunick for the purposes of bringing attention to the Dead Sea, in his hopes of the lake being dubbed as one of the natural wonders of the world.  On November 11, contest winners for a new set of the Seven Wonders of Nature will be announced.

Only a few people spoke out against the pornographic stunt and the irony of moral depravity taking place at the exact location where morally depraved towns were destroyed. MK Zevulun Orlev called the photography event "Sodom and Gomorrah" itself, and an obvious offense to public decency.  

Blessing or curse?

Access to the site, whether clothed or no, is regarded in some quarters as somewhat of a blessing.

At the end of the month, Orthodox rabbis announced with glee a partition along a section of the beach that will allow orthodox men and women to swim in the Sea, separately, while preserving their modesty. As reported by Haaretz, the Minister for the Development of the Negev and the Galilee, Silvan Shalom, acknowledged at the dedication ceremony: "We are at the place where, in Sodom, humanity faced one of its most difficult hours, morally speaking." It was a time, Shalom said, "when some of the most horrific things that one could imagine happened, and precisely here, at the lowest spot on earth, we are rising up. We are helping many people to be able to come here."

Indeed, people of all faiths and cultures tour the Dead Sea and attend its spas. Products are sold claiming to be therapeutic and beautifying --products manufactured from the mud and salts of the Dead Sea which contain the dissolved minerals from the sulphuric brimstone* that assisted in the destruction of the cities. Dead Sea shampoo, mineral soap and bath salts are purchased worldwide.

Yet, the three Abrahamic religions of Islam, Christianity and Judaism are in agreement that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed by the wrath of God for their flagrant debauchery. Moreover, in the Bible, God’s Messenger Lot was told to leave the environs and not to look back. In the Qur’an, it is said “Verily, you pass by them in the morning. And at night; will you not then reflect,” meaning, `will you not learn a lesson from them [while travelling past it] how Allah destroyed them,’ according to Tafsir Ibn Kathir. The area is intended as a sign to mankind to refrain from wrongdoing. The events that obliterated the cities should make it obvious that this is not an area in which to frolic.

There is more Biblical evidence as well. Genesis of the Old Testament (19:24-25) states: “Then the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the Lord out of heaven; And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground.”

And in Islam, again quoting from the traditional book of commentary on the Qur’an, Tafsir ibn Kathir, Surah Qamar is evidenced:

“Allah the Exalted states that the people of [God’s Holy Messenger Lot, peace be upon him] Lut defied and denied their Messenger and committed sodomy, the awful immoral sin that no people in the history of mankind had committed before. This is why Allah destroyed them with a type of torment that He never inflicted upon any nation before them. Allah the Exalted commanded Jibril [the Angel Gabriel], peace be upon him, to raise their cities to the sky and then turn them upside down over them, followed by stones made of marked Sijjil [stones like baked clay or brimstone].

…[Allah the Exalted] made their vicinity a foul, stinking lake which is on a well-travelled route where people pass by night and day (i.e., the Dead Sea), which lays close to the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah on the highway between Arabia and Syria.”


The water in the Dead Sea is deadly to most living things. One Dead Sea bath care product company says that while humans are merely advised to keep their faces above the extremely salted water, “Fish accidentally swimming into the waters from one of the several freshwater streams that feed the Sea are killed instantly. Their bodies are quickly coated with a preserving layer of salt crystals and then tossed onto shore by the wind and waves.”

With the awareness of the Dead Sea’s moral, spiritual and physical ills, what could be the eventual effects upon human beings who revel in it?

It is rather a natural wonder why people would choose to bathe in the Dead Sea at all, or even use its products. It appears to some as a blessing, when in reality it is a curse.

*For more information about the mineral content of the brimstone still extant in the Sodom and Gomorrah area, please access the work of Christian archaeologist and researcher Ron Wyatt at

May 18, 2013



(IP) A group of Belgian lawmakers have proposed a bill that would deem Islamophobia a crime punishable by fines and/or imprisonment.  Six senators of the Belgian Parliament drafted the resolution that would  categorize a person who “ considers Islam to be violent, threatening or supportive of terrorism”or “considers Islam to be a political ideology used for political and military purposes to establish its hegemony” as an islamophobe, and liable for prosecution under this law, if passed.  Opponents of the bill say it would be a ‘devastating blow to free speech’ in Belgium.

The French-speaking region of southern Belgium known as Wallonia has officially assigned the four major Christian holidays (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and All Saints Day – known as Halloween in the US) secular names in a move that critics claim is catering to the atheistic views of the Socialists and the influence of the Muslim elements of its population.  Removal of religious paraphernalia and reference to religious holidays and practices by government and within government buildings and proceedings has rapidly proliferated globally, with pointed reforms taking place in the United States. Prayers are no longer said at the start of the school day in most public schools and events in efforts to avoid offending those who profess no religious persuasion.

The French Community of Belgium has jurisdiction over five provinces, including the Francophone population of Brussels, the Belgian capital and has adopted ‘a framework decree that formally establishes the new secularized names on the public school calendar in the interests of “administrative simplification”, according to a report by Soeren Kern on the website.  The Belgian French-language newspaper La Libre stated: “…school calendars  within Belgium's French speaking community will permanently use the following terminology: the Christian holiday previously known as All Saints Day (Congés de Toussaint) will now be referred to as Autumn Leave (Congé d'automne); Christmas Vacation (Vacances de Noël) is now Winter Vacation (Vacances d'hiver); Lenten Vacation (Congés de Carnaval) is now Rest and Relaxation Leave (Congé de détente); and Easter (Vacances de Pâques) is now Spring Vacation (Vacances de Printemps).”

Right-wing groups who are opposed to the proliferating multiculturalism in Belgium are criticizing the permanent holiday name changes, some accusing the government of attempting to ‘de-Christianize’ the traditional Christian holidays, the most vocal of which is the Reformist Movement (Mouvement Réformateur, MR), an alliance of four center-right parties that together comprise the largest classical liberal political formation in French-speaking Belgium.  The MR fears that reforming the holiday names will facilitate the eventual introduction of Muslim holidays into the school and public calendars and cultural expression; the holiday name-change decree already provides Muslims with a waiver by which Islamic holidays will be recognized legally.

The mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans,  is a Socialist and more than half of the eleven council members are either Socialists or Muslims – or both.  The Council has moved to refrain from the display of any religious holiday décor in the city, and replaced some with modern art works to give the metropolis a more ‘avant – garde character’; although, according to the Brussels Nieuws, one Council member from the Christian Democratic and Flemish Party, Bianca Debaets,  argued that  it was the ‘religious sensitivities of the Muslims’ that prompted the display of the cubical ‘light’ sculpture in place of a religious-toned  display - a Christmas tree.

The efforts of making Belgium more ‘Islam-friendly’, however,  leaves many Muslims still feeling alienated from the greater Belgian society.  The article by Soeren Kern states: “According to a new survey of Muslim youth in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking northern half of Belgium, only 30% of Muslim males between the ages of 15 and 25 feel as though they are accepted by Flemish society. This figure drops to 25% for Muslim females in the same age group.”

“The survey, which was published by the daily newspaper Gazet van Antwerpen on April 19, shows that 60% of Muslim youth believe that they will never be integrated into Belgian society. One in three of those surveyed say that he or she has been discriminated against at school, and one in five say they have been discriminated against at work. More than 50% say they have been victims of racism. Although 93% of those surveyed have Belgian citizenship, 42% of them say they consider themselves to be foreigners.”

“The results are virtually unchanged from a similar survey conducted in 2005, and imply that years of government efforts to make Belgium more multicultural have done nothing to change the minds of Muslim youth.  According to the Flemish Minister for Integration, Geert Bourgeois, Muslim youth should work harder and complain less. "That so many young people feel discriminated against and do not feel accepted means that our society still has a lot of work to do. It's actually an 'us-them' story. We as a society can and should still make an extra effort, but conversely, Muslim youth should do more as well. Perhaps an inverted research shows that we just think that young Muslims do not belong because they do not want to belong," Bourgeois said.

According to the authors of the resolution, a person would be guilty of Islamophobia if he or she:

  • Considers Islam to be a single monolithic bloc, closed and static, incapable of adapting to new situations;

  • Considers Islam to be separate and "different," devoid of having any aims or shared values ​​with other cultures, not influenced by other cultures and not influencing other cultures;

  • Considers Islam to be inferior to the West, to be barbaric, irrational, primitive and sexist;

  • Considers Islam to be violent, threatening and supportive of terrorism, actively engaged in a 'clash of civilizations';

  • Considers Islam to be a political ideology, used for political and military purposes to establish its hegemony;

  • Rejects out of hand criticisms made by Islam of 'the West';

  • Shows hostility towards Islam to justify discrimination and social exclusion of Muslims;

  • Accepts hostility toward Muslims as natural and normal.

Mr. Kern states further:  “This definition of Islamophobia, which is based on a 1997 report published by the London-based Runnymede Trust, would effectively outlaw any critical discussion of Islam in Belgium [and label it as] ‘combating racism’.

The draft resolution has outraged free speech activists, who are demanding more public scrutiny of what they say is a "draconian" measure  that is contrary to liberal democratic values. But the sponsors of the text remain unapologetic.In an interview with the daily newspaper Le Soir, Senator Richard Miller from Wallonia accuses critics of the resolution of trying to make the draft text say things it does not say.”

Soeren Kern is a Senior Fellow at the New York-based Gatestone Institute. He is also Senior Fellow for European Politics at the Madrid-based Grupo de Estudios Estratégicos / Strategic Studies Group.



February 19, 2013

  (Hancock, NY) - The Muslims of America (TMOA) filed a multimillion dollar lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Northern District of New York on February 13, 2013, styled The Muslims of America vs. Martin J. Mawyer, Patti A. Pierucci and Christian Action Network (CAN), for defamation and libel associated with the October 2012 publication of the book Twilight in America written by CAN president Martin Mawyer.  The complaint alleges false and defamatory statements contained in the book where the defendants repeatedly refer to plaintiff as a terrorist organization engaging in terrorist acts and running terrorist training camps in the United States, states the 39-page pleading.

 After years of harassment and an unrelenting hate campaign against them, TMOA has brought this matter to court where justice will be served,? said plaintiff's lawyer Tahirah Clark of Deposit.  The complaint demands retraction of all defamatory statements found in the book and on the website, and provides at least a dozen examples of objectionable statements. Throughout the book, Mawyer expresses frustration with the fact that law enforcement has taken no action against TMOA and implies someone must. Ms. Clark contends there is no reason for law enforcement to act against her client's members, and that the sentiment of Mawyer is a thinly veiled way of stirring up vigilantism against innocent American Muslims.  Matthew Gardner, Public Relations Director of The Muslims of America exclaims, ?Mawyer abuses the first amendment freedom of speech by turning it into freedom of action.  This crusade he has launched against Muslims produces supporters and sympathizers whose actions take the form of violence.?

  In November 2012, Mawyer posted the address of TMOA's Hancock property on his website. The lawsuit contends that doing so was a manner of encouraging people to go to the location and exact violence. In December 2012, the complaint describes an incident where unknown individuals trespassed onto a TMOA village in Red House, VA... and fired 13 shotgun blasts into a village welcoming sign. The group has asked that this incident be investigated as a hate crime. The village in Virginia was saved from loss of life, but such armed criminals have already been seen in many other TMOA locations. Unfortunately, when these matters are reported to police, no action is taken, which has prompted TMOA to seek justice in the courts.

  As upstanding U.S. citizens with parents who have fought in the Vietnam War defending America, it is well known that American Muslims have not committed any act of terror. Therefore, the sharp rise of Islamophobia is of grave concern to The Muslims of America recently prompting letters to President Barack Obama as well as the Secretary General of The United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, petitioning for protection of the American Muslim and assistance in stopping those who boldly spout hate then attempt to hide behind their First Amendment rights.

 The freedom of speech is a right that we all hold dear as citizens.  However, that freedom is not absolute.  People cannot knowingly tell harmful lies on other people, or use words to incite violence, both of which Mr. Mawyer and his organization have done,? said Ms. Tahirah Amatul-Wadud, Co-Counsel for The Muslims of America. The case is scheduled for a hearing May 2013 before US Magistrate Judge David E. Peebles in Binghamton. TMOA is headquartered in New York. Mawyer, co-author Pierucci and CAN are all based in Virginia.



Matthew Gardner

Director, Public Relations

The Muslims of America

(434) 664-6775

September 16, 2012

The International Quranic Open University, Muslims of the Americas, and the United Muslim-Christian Forum vehemently abhor, condemn and demand removal of the movie “Innocence of Muslims”, as it contains hideous lies and inflammatory statements that viciously malign the most auspicious and noble character of the Holy Last Messenger of God, Muhammad (peace be upon him).


(Hancock, NY) The International Quranic Open University, Muslims of the Americas, and the United Muslim-Christian Forum vehemently abhor, condemn and demand removal of the movie “Innocence of Muslims”, as it contains hideous lies and inflammatory statements that viciously malign the most auspicious and noble character of the Holy Last Messenger of God, Muhammad (peace be upon him). We recognize, and now beseech all God-fearing and peace loving world citizens to distinguish the true enemy behind this provocative and incendiary film, which was created and flagrantly posted on YouTube to fan the flames of hatred, racism, religious bigotry and violence in order to spark a clash of civilizations between Muslims and Christians.

Sam Bacile, originally identified as the creator of this vile and perverse movie, is now known to be an alias for Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a ‘so-called’ Coptic Christian militant with a criminal felony background and ties to several anti-Islamic media terror groups and personalities who are allowed to spit their venom without restriction under the guise of free speech. Federal officials have now questioned Nakoula who, in support of his film, already stated his view that, “Islam is a cancer”. Clearly, this small-time former gas station operator did not coordinate and finance this scheme alone. Who are the friends, allies and supporters of Nakoula and who, in turn, are their friends, allies and supporters?

Terry Jones who last year incited his own wave of violence around the world after hatefully burning pages of Holy Quran, recently publicized his support of the film and intent to promote it after being in touch with Nakoula. Another ally of Terry Jones, Morris Sadik an Egyptian, anti-Islam activist also claiming to be a Coptic Christian, is reportedly responsible for using his connections to air the movie trailer on Egyptian television, which launched the region into an uproar and riots after viewing the vulgarity. And who are the friends and allies of Sadik? One such person is Joseph Nasrallah, producer of the film, and Steve Klein, the film’s script consultant, both of whom were called upon by the likes of Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch in his own malicious plot against all that is Islam. And, who are the supporters of Robert Spencer? None other than the murderous Norwegian, Anders Behring Breivik, who massacred seventy-one people in cold blood after immersing himself in literature inspired by the aforementioned Spencer, creating a haze of Islamophobia who’s only purpose is to hasten a clash between Muslims and Christians.

Today, we exclaim that these enemies of peace will not be successful in driving a wedge between Islam and Christianity because we are two aspects of the same reality bonded by belief in the One Almighty God, who is the Creator of everyone and everything. As American Muslims, we have a very close understanding with our Christian brothers and sisters. For Muslims, Jesus son of Mary (peace be upon him) is the second to last messenger of Islam; therefore, we are the only ones who follow Jesus Son of Mary’s teachings, along with the teachings of the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him). As citizens with deep insight about such conspiracies, we view this wicked film as a conspiracy to bring about a clash between Muslims and Christians, for which its schemers will never find success.

We, the Muslims of the Americas, know that America belongs to all. It is inhabited by multi-ethnic groups and communities and each has their religions and beliefs, which the Constitution protects and grants full religious freedom and basic fundamental rights. Yet, we are shocked to see that the law is not being enforced to protect the religious beliefs, freedom and honor of Muslims here in the United States of America as no agency has yet required YouTube to abide by its own Community Guidelines which clearly state “...we don’t permit hate speech (speech which attacks or demeans a group based on....religion..)”, a responsible policy, if enforced, which will prevent the media terrorism we see happening right now as this film is allowed to run undisturbed while offending billions of people around the world- of all faiths. As stated by a citizen appalled at the showing of this film, “this is not free speech when you lie, provoke violence, cause panic, incite riot, and endanger others’ lives. This is barbarous treason we are talking here.”

Perhaps the ignorant creators, producers and supporters of this filthy film and others like it, should notice that we have formed the United Muslim Christian Forum (UMCF), to recognize similarities between Muslims and Christians, diminish differences and seek a new solid foundation of joint respect based on the unchallenged commandments of God and love for all the blessed Messengers of God (peace upon them all). It is in the exercising of this mutual cooperation and the following of our motto, “Mankind is the Family of God”, that these two great faiths will continue to live together in peace as they have for generations in spite of the efforts of those that bring forth slander and propaganda by producing reckless books and films; for we say they will fail miserably and with every step continue to expose the real enemies within America. Therefore we demand immediate action by the appropriate government agencies to stop this film and bring its perpetrators to justice for this malicious hate speech.



Hasib Abdul-Haqq

Director, Public Relations


May 27, 2012

The American Muslim Medical Relief Team (AMMRT) appeal to the United Nations to aid the people of Pakistan who are still reeling from the environmental damage caused by the devastating earthquakes and floods in the past few years. The people have received precious little assistance in their time of need from the government of Pakistan, who has taken the funds meant to rebuild the communities and transferred the monies to international banks, thus embezzling millions and crippling the economy.


We, the American Muslim Medical Relief Team (AMMRT), appeal to the United Nations to aid the people of Pakistan who are still reeling from the environmental damage caused by the devastating earthquakes and floods in the past few years. The people have received precious little assistance in their time of need from the government of Pakistan, who has taken the funds meant to rebuild the communities and transferred the monies to international banks, thus embezzling millions and crippling the economy. The results are the shutdown of basic necessities  such as gas and power across the nation.

Sources close to the AMMRT have reported that in Faisalabad, the workers in the cloth mills are suffering with no money, resorting to selling their children and even to committing suicide. Even though this is a very heinous sin for Muslims, such is their current sense of hopelessness.

The AMMRT was formed under the auspices of the Vice Chancellor of the International Qur’anic Open University, El Sheikh Syed Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani, and is composed of American healthcare professionals who have placed their lives in jeopardy and selflessly given their monies, time, and medical expertise after catastrophic disasters around the world including Ground Zero, Hurricane Katrina, as well as the calamitous earthquakes and floods in Pakistan.
In the aftermath of the 2005 Pakistan earthquake, millions were left homeless, sick, and starving with little hope that their situation would change.  Monies and other capital donated by many nations of the world, including the United States, were misappropriated by corrupt government officials to help bolster their own political standing.  The result was a tremendous increase in not only the percentage of the population in poverty, but a greater separation between the classes. This was seen firsthand by the AMMRT team as we worked in the Ayyub Medical Center in Abbottabad, where on a daily basis we witnessed poor patients being left for dead and not given even subpar treatment; whereas, their more affluent counterparts received the best the hospital had to offer.  In one particular instance, a pregnant mother and her unborn child both died because the hospital would not allow us to “waste” the use of an Ultrasonography machine.

This same scenario  presented itself once again in the wake of the floods that ravished the Punjab province in 2010. Following a month of monsoon activity, floods devastated much of the area, displacing about 20 million people, submerging about 1000 miles of roads under water, and killing approximately 10 million head of livestock.  Also, millions fell ill due to the microbe-friendly environment created by the stagnant water.     

Presently,  the government of Pakistan has become non-existent, having given the citizens only false promises, while fleecing them of the billions of rupees in aid money that the country has received from all over the world.  To add insult to injury, the government has increased the price of food and other essentials, ensuring that more people will suffer.  The squandering of donated aid and resources in this fashion has made the recovery from disasters of this caliber  almost impossible.

The United Nations - and the world - must act today!

The UN was formed not only to establish world peace, facilitate friendly dialogue between neighboring countries, and to prevent a third world war, but also to help rebuild nations in the aftermath of disasters by providing support to the people affected by these events.  Now more than ever, your assistance is needed in this part of the world.
The AMMRT appeals to this organization  to fulfill the mission under which it was founded and help end the oppression and resultant suffering of the people of Pakistan.  If you do not help immediately, the death toll will inevitably rise, millions will continue to be displaced, suffer economic depression,  and fall ill to the scourge of diseases that are unearthed in the wake of calamitous natural disasters.  

We, the American Muslim Medical Relief Team, remain committed and willing to continue lending our assistance to the relief effort, but are insisting that the United Nations give immediate help, particularly in the light of these recent revelations of gross mismanagement and, indeed, neglect by the Pakistani government.
Please answer this urgent plea and do not hesitate to include us, as we, too, were established for the sole purpose of providing aid to mankind and we cannot sit idly by as this situation continues to unfold and deteriorate in the manner it has.  
We implore you to join us in bringing peace, stability, and hope to millions!

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American Muslim Medical Relief Team
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February 6, 2011


Medical doctors in Brazil remain baffled as to how metal sewing needles were placed inside the body of another two-year old boy from Brazil, with zero evidence of digestion and no signs of an entry wound on the outside of his body. El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, founder of the El Gilani Methodology (EGM), an innovative method of spiritual therapy and healing, said the rising cases all over the world are a clear sign of the practicing of occultism. “These needles were not swallowed. This is black magic and has become common now in villages of India, Columbia and Brazil”, says El Sheikh Gilani.