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July 13, 2013

The Vice Chancellor of the International Qur’anic Open University, El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gillani, delivers a dynamic statement to the world to address disturbing lies forged by the patrons of Islamophobia who wish to paint a picture that is contrary to his lifelong mission as a teacher, reformer and guide. In 1979, His Eminence El Sheikh Gillani, a noble direct descendant of Ahlul Bayt, which is the family of the Holy Last Messenger, Muhammad (peace be upon him), traveled to America. The lineage of El Sheikh Gillani can be traced to his noble grandfather, the world-renowned and revered Ghauzul Azam El Sheikh Abdul Qadir Gilani (b. 1077 c.e.) (ra) of Baghdad. As head of the distinguished and influential Gillani family in Pakistan, His Eminence El Sheikh Gillani has continuously performed his noble duties to uplift and protect God's servants. Over thirty years later, El Sheikh Gillani emerges as one of the world’s greatest humanitarians, going wherever there is a cry for help.


When arriving in America, El Sheikh Gillani met a devoted group of indigenous American Muslims whose hearts were yearning for a leader and guide dedicated to the practice of Al Islam at a time when the deviant Wahabi ideology infiltrated the American Muslim mainstream. El Sheikh Gillani found this earnest group of American Muslims in an unlikely place- the depressed ghettos of the inner cities where drugs, crime and violence were rampant.  As unlikely as it seems, these Americans had prayed to Almighty God for relief, and after witnessing many Divine miraculous manifestations supporting El Sheikh Gillani’s mission, this group of American Muslims soon formed a devout community of faithful Muslims becoming known as The Muslims of America, Inc.


Today, in contrast to the horrifying ghettos of the inner cities, The Muslims of America, Inc., have established peaceful rural villages, where they live a clean life, focus on education, serve in local communities, partake in an agricultural lifestyle and raise the fourth generation of children who have benefitted from the care of His Eminence. Regardless of this great progress, in a post 9/11 America, there are those who have manufactured new careers and made vast fortunes masquerading as Christians, but who are actually peddlers of Islamophobia and not followers of the second to the last messenger, Jesus son of the Chaste Mary. Instead, they are bent on distorting the truth, spreading lies and falsehood, and attempting to bring about unrest and violence between unaware Christians and Muslims. El Sheikh Gillani remains steadfast under the attack of such frauds who have attempted to degrade years of service to mankind by using books and web pages filled with propaganda as well as deceptive editing of thirty-year-old videos to incite the panic that American Muslims are planning to harm  their fellow neighbors- an outright fabrication.


Coinciding with his travels to America, in the early 1980’s, another cry was heard from halfway around the globe as the innocent people of Afghanistan were invaded by the former Soviet Union (USSR) sending shockwaves throughout the world.  An immediate reaction rang out from the humanitarian community including the United Nations as well as a strong response from the United States of America who supported the “Mujahideen”, also called freedom fighters, so that the people of Afghanistan could repel the communist aggressors. El Sheikh Gillani, his American followers and Muslims from all over the world joined the international community in confronting the Soviets to drive them from Afghanistan. In the State of the Union Address Delivered Before a Joint Session of the Congress on January 23, 1980, President Jimmy Carter stated:


…at this moment, massive Soviet troops are attempting to subjugate the fiercely independent and deeply religious people of Afghanistan.…The integrity and the independence of weaker nations must not be threatened. But now the Soviet Union has taken a radical and an aggressive new step. It's using its great military power against a relatively defenseless nation. The implications of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan could pose the most serious threat to the peace since the Second World War.

The vast majority of nations on Earth have condemned this latest Soviet attempt to extend its colonial domination of others and have demanded the immediate withdrawal of Soviet troops. The Moslem world is especially and justifiably outraged by this aggression against an Islamic people. No action of a world power has ever been so quickly and so overwhelmingly condemned. But verbal condemnation is not enough. The Soviet Union must pay a concrete price for their aggression….


As El Sheikh Gillani continued his efforts to help the people of Afghanistan, the devastation in that country over the next five years was horrific.  According to Amnesty International, “about 1 million Afghans died”. The United Nations News Centre reports, “…About 3 million refugees fled to Pakistan and 1.5 million to Iran. Many people were also driven from the countryside to Kabul, and in total more than half of the population was displaced…”.


In a radio address to Americans on December 28, 1985, President Ronald Reagan reiterated American support for the freedom fighters, the Mujahideen, who were instrumental in finally expelling the former USSR from Afghanistan:



In 1985, when the Mujahideen fighting in Afghanistan were invited and honored at the White House, President Reagan went so far as to say about the Mujahideen: "These gentlemen are the moral equivalents of America's Founding Fathers."


As Imam of The Muslims of America, and Vice Chancellor of the International Qur’anic Open University, Inc., El Sheikh Gillani has consistently performed the noble work of teaching and reforming those whose founding fathers indeed built America. Instead of paying due regard for the sacrifices and recognizing the successes of El Sheikh Gillani, forces who are against America have instead launched a barrage of media assaults falsely accusing The Muslims of America, Inc. as enemies of their fellow countrymen.


In the forefront of this assault is the President of the so-called Christian Action Network, Martin Mawyer, who released a book in 2012 titled Twilight in America, which prompted The Muslims of America,Inc. to file a multi-million dollar defamation lawsuit in federal court. In addition to the book, Mawyer was responsible for the publication and propagation of a deceitful film portraying El Sheikh Gillani’s heroic efforts in Afghanistan and Indian-occupied Kashmir as training camps against Americans.


The best medicine for lies is truth.


El Sheikh Gillani takes a journey through time as he delivers a timely policy statement detailing the history of his mission, the victories and the current struggles as the enemies of Islam persist in their attack of innocent American Muslims who have done no harm to their own country.


His Eminence El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gillani:


I issued a Victory Letter in English. In it is written that Almighty Allah spoke to the Holy Last Messenger (peace be upon him) and informed us that Allah ta Ala is going to dismember the USSR. In the Victory Letter, I gave a declaration to everyone to come and fight the Communists and that they would be successful. It was in that time that I was encouraged by the Pakistani government and the Reagan Administration to help Americans to fight against the Communists.


In America, I held Jihad conferences in New York and New Jersey, which were very known and public. I had letters with me encouraging people to go and fight the Communists. Then, I went back to Pakistan and gave a decree of Jihad in Peshawar where we signed to wage a holy war against the Soviet Communists. During this time, one of my partners was so respected by U.S. President Reagan that when he went to America, Reagan himself came to the airport and took him from the airplane in his car. The Americans gave us overwhelming respect and honor. Our family cousin A. Shah Gilani is still a very strong man there. I soon found out that people responded to the decree, the Qadris, particularly those lovers of Ahl Bayt, and followers of Abdul Qadir Gilani (ra). They heard my call and came out in the hundreds in Peshawar to volunteer to fight the Communists who were occupying Afghanistan. However, they suffered heavy casualties because they were unskilled, so I needed someone to train them.


I requested some of my American followers, such as Husain Abdallah and honored American Muslim veterans to come help me and help America, by training those who came forward so that they could go and successfully fight the Communists. As a Holy Man, a member of Ahl Bayt, I was a spiritual guide to people, making prayers and encouraging them to go and fight. A group came to Pakistan to the mountains of our Murree campus, a place where you can go today and still see the same backdrops and same scenery. It was in Murree that a video was made. For the sake of the video, I put on fatigues and a jacket to invite people in Pakistan and all over the world to come fight the Communists who had illegally invaded the country of Afghanistan. Do you understand that we never had any training camps against America? America is your homeland. My whole family are Americans. Everything that was done was supported by the United States of America, not against the United States of America.


Instead of doctoring the video to look like training against Americans, why don’t you instead honor those who are sitting there on both sides because they sacrificed much by going to Pakistan to try and fight the enemy of America? Those are American Muslim Veterans.  Similarly, when the country of Kashmir was illegally occupied, I did the same by going to the Kashmiri camps to make prayers and tell them to expel those who occupied their country illegally in spite of the UN resolution of 1948, which said Kashmiris would obtain the right of plebiscite to choose to be a part of India or Pakistan.


They have a video showing me as I visit the Kashmiri camps. My family is in Kashmir. Ninety percent of Kashmiris follow my ancestor’s Qadri (sufi) order. Kashmir is occupied illegally by India. Of course I will have to help the Kashmiri cause when 90% of Muslims have been occupied illegally by India. Why hasn’t the United Nations done something in Kashmir? They went to Timur Island, created rights for the people, and then sent the United Nations army and separated the island to bring peace. The United Nations did the same in Sudan. This is what they are doing everywhere, why not help the people of Kashmir?


The situation in Afghanistan was created as a vehicle to transplant the Jews from the USSR to the illegal state of Israel. They used America, Americans, American money and Muslims to fight their war. In the book, Al-Islam in America, there is a photograph that depicts these events. It attests to the large amounts of money, millions and millions of dollars, spent. It was the Jews’ war yet, now it is thought that some of our followers, and Muslims in America, are actually a danger for them and a threat to their existence.  They are not a danger to the United States. Martin Mawyer, the Christian Action Network and others of their ilk are the enemies -not of the Muslims-, but of the United States of America. That is why they have people like Martin Mawyer and others who burn books and make Hollywood movies in an attempt to degrade Islam. There should be some end to injustice. The most unfortunate thing in America is the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who first chooses people as their friends to get their work done and then they terminate them. This is their ongoing policy.


As a matter of fact, not only Muslims in America, but the American people are under siege.  They are no longer independent. They are put into proxy war after war.

That is why I myself established the United Muslim Christian Forum (UMCF). Peace in America depends on Muslim- Christian unity and both having understanding. So, is Martin Mawyer following the teachings of Jesus son of Mary (as)? If he were, he would not lie or falsely accuse anyone as Jesus son of Mary never did. I tell the world – Muslims are the only one who brought the book, Holy Qur’an, which is the only Divine evidence that Jesus son of Mary was the result of legitimate birth. His mother was “Siddiqa”, a pious virtuous virgin who gave birth according to the Almighty’s plan. She was given glad tidings of his miraculous birth. The Holy Quran is the only book that establishes that Jesus son of Mary spoke in the cradle and told all that Allah has “made me a prophet”. In burning Holy Qur’an, Terry Jones in actuality burned the revelation according to Jesus, for the Holy Quran contains the pure and summarized form of the Holy Gospel found in Surah (chapter) Ali Imran and Surah Maryam. Holy Qur’an also contains, in condensed form, the Torah found in Surah Al Baqara as well as mentions the whole account of Moses (peace be upon them all). The truth is that those making fortunes on Islamophobia, their first aim is to bring about a clash between Muslims and Christians in America and their second objective is to use it as their means of livelihood. It is a big, ongoing business to abuse Muslims, falsely accuse them, attack their beliefs and then ask for a donation from here and there. All of them are the riff-raff, dropouts, drug addicts, scammers and frauds of society who have taken up the business of slandering Muslims who are American citizens. Such people are the cancer of society, enemies of the United States who do not wish to strengthen but instead want to weaken America by bringing strife between Muslims and Christians.  They know, as do I, that Muslims and Christians are brethren and will be united through Imam Mahdi. Not only do I know Imam Mahdi, but I have introduced him to some of my followers. Imam Mahdi is going to come and he is the one who will join Islam and Christianity under one religion. He will single out the common enemy who conspired to crucify Jesus Son of Mary and hurled false accusations against his blessed, chaste mother by calling him of an illegitimate birth. That is the purpose of Imam Mahdi- to deal with these people posing as Christians who have no resemblance to the followers of Jesus, son of Mary.


Martin Mawyer’s Christian Action Network (CAN) threw leaflets from an airplane to the earth bringing false accusations against me even after the U.S. State Department has acknowledged that I have had nothing to do with anything. Yet he continues to incite citizens and law enforcement to take action against me and members of The Muslims of America, Inc. Is there any law? Well, law is with Almighty God right now. Are Martin Mawyer and other people out there blind?


In our Muslim village of Holy Islamberg, New York, Almighty God’s personal name, Allah, is shining in the Holy Shrine. What does it mean? It is a sign of Almighty God. Those who oppress Muslims want to deny the existence of Allah and burn Holy Quran, but can you stop Allah Almighty?


Whenever Almighty God shows some sign there is always a reason. It is a stern warning for oppressors and glad tidings for the believers. Fear Almighty God. Think about what had happened to those people who denied and rejected the signs of Almighty God, they were destroyed. He destroyed the people of ‘Ad. He destroyed the people of Thamud. He sent tornado after tornado and wiped them out of existence. Now these signs can be observed here in America. Islamberg has become one of the holiest places in the world. Allah’s name had never shown in any part of the world in past history. Allah’s name has been shining for the last three years, and continues to shine up until now. It will keep on shining until Islam dominates. Allah will teach lessons, so take heed.  Respect the law. Why is there no justice? American Muslims are under attack because anyone is allowed to do anything. Not only do people have freedom of speech, they have freedom of action. What are Martin Mawyer's motives for publicly posting the address and then freely directing people to go to locations of The Muslims of America, Inc? Subsequently, one of our locations is attacked by a gunman while other locations have trespassers and intruders." What have American Muslims done? There are so many other communities living independently on their private properties. We are not an exception.


Also, respect international law. Innocent people, mostly children, continue to be killed by unlawful drones from above. Do you not see if you destroy one house in Pakistan, Allah sends a “drone” to destroy hundreds of houses through wraths like earthquakes, tornadoes, etc. This process will go on until your drones go home. His wrath has already been substantiated, but it is attributed to Mother Nature. There is no such thing as mother nature. It is Divine wrath and it is striking repeatedly. It will continue occurring. Try to stop it if you can. I am warning all to fear Almighty Allah for He destroyed many nations before.


I am responsible for continually guiding Muslims. Allah has presented miraculous sign after sign acknowledging and honoring me as the rightful Imam of the Muslims. Rainbow after rainbow has appeared and people see them and make not that it is still happening. It is my duty to guide the Muslims wherever they are and I will do so. Save yourself from the wrath of Allah. Leave Muslims alone. Let Muslims and followers of Jesus son of Mary become closer to one another without hindrance. No Muslims in America have committed crimes against the United States of America. No American Muslim has committed acts of terrorism.  


I am the one who, for the last 30 years, has been reforming and carving American youth- men and women both, into respectable citizens. Today, the fruits of my labor have materialized as I watch proudly a fourth Muslim American generation who are doctors, engineers, lawyers and businessmen. They have better cars than I have. They have more income than I have. I have lived with them, slept in their homes, ate with them. I helped their families purchase land as a gift that would keep giving. The third and fourth generation of Muslim Americans that were raised on these lands are the doctors, lawyers and teachers of today!   Who has done this before? What organization teaches young people lost in the ghettos to be straightforward, honest, ambitious, hard-working, independent, and to become good Americans? Has anybody done it before? No, because their educational and social system says let them do whatever they want to do.


No matter the contribution, anything Muslims do is totally rejected. We introduced the El Gilani Methodology. Our doctors, MDs, went to California to discuss this methodology designed to heal mental patients with select verses of Holy Qur’an. It is scientifically proven and successful.  The doctors of EGM spoke, showed and proved to them the recorded cases of healing of incurable mental diseases. We provided them the evidences from the Sufic Research Institute. Many rejected it because it came from the Muslims. In 1976 and 1977 under the auspices of WHO (World Health Organization), I proved the effects of healing with Holy Qur’an in Saudia Arabia in the presence of doctors from eight countries who were eyewitnesses to the success including the chief head of the international organization, Dr. Dennis Leigh and others who were from Egypt, Sudan, England, America and Pakistan. Did the WHO acknowledge the success and immediately begin to help people? Did they thank me as a scientist for my scientific research and methodology? No, because psychiatrists said they would be out of business if EGM was allowed to propagate. My books were even prescribed by the Saudi government for their university, but were taken off the shelves by these people. The methodology I invented, EGM, cures the incurable and it is saving lives. I revived a brain dead patient in Germantown hospital with EGM. Seek out Dr. Davis if you wish to know more.


We do not beg for anything from anyone. We are strangers to this world. Those who have tried to tell people to attack us should know that we love going back to Allah a million times more than you love your wine and women. We do not belong to this world. We came from Allah and unto Allah we will return. We do not look to our right we do not look to the left. We do not care what you say. Do what you can do.  Do it! You will be humiliated as Allah’s wrath is falling on you and it will continue to fall more and more as it seems there is no law, no humility, and no decency left in this world. Lying has become fun, an art. Media is no exception as Fox television lets everyone do and say whatever they want. Open your eyes and see, former Islamophobe Arnoud Van Doorn, the Dutch politician helped make a blasphemous film about the Holy Last Messenger, peace be upon, and now, Van Doorn has become a Muslim. He was formerly a patron of Martin Mawyer, giving money and support.


All should know and understand that Muslims are the only people who acknowledge Jesus son of Mary as the second to the last messenger; his status is both loved and revered.


This is my message and this is my statement.  It can be taken any way you like.

May 10, 2013


A well-known tradition of the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad ibn Abdullah, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, enjoins Muslims to ‘seek knowledge even unto China’ in their quest to acquire the knowledge to live enlightened lives as cultured and educated servants of the Almighty Creator, fulfilling their obligations to Him, society and family. Although China was considered a great distance from where Al Islam was originally established in Arabia, the Arabs had knowledge of China even before the advent of the Holy Last Messenger ( peace and blessing be upon him), as Arabia served as a major highway for commercial traffic between it, China and the countries of Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Cypress and parts of southern Turkey. 


The historian Sir Arnold Thomas Walker, in his detailed work entitled The Preaching of Islam, describes the arrival and spread of Islam in China. At the start of the 7th century, a trade hub was established by Chinese merchants in Siraf, a town on the Persian Gulf, frequented by the traders of Arabia and Persia. Yet, the commercial contact also introduced the Chinese to the culture and mores of the Arabs, and eventually to the new way of life that was reforming the Arabian Peninsula - Al Islam. 

Between the sixth and ninth centuries, C.E., during the Tang dynasty, the Arabs and Persians found the trade so lucrative that they took up residence in many of China’s port cities, where they conducted their business in perfect harmony with their host counterparts. Eventually, the numbers of immigrants increased dramatically, in a flow that seemed to inundate certain areas. Chinese historians of this period, Mr.Walker stated, mention the Arabs (Muslims) in their writings, in one instance describing them as ‘barbarians’ who arrived in their land ‘like a deluge (flood)’, coming from great distances and from “more than 100 kingdoms, bringing as tribute their sacred books, which were received and deposited in the hall set apart for translations of sacred and canonical books in the Imperial Palace.” It is stated that during this time, religious diversity was appreciated and respected. 

The Annals of Kwangtung (Canton ), recount the first Muslims who came to China, describing them as ‘strangers’ who came from ‘Annan, Cambodia, Medina, and several other countries, who worshipped heaven (i.e. Almighty God) and had neither statue, idol nor image in their temples…They do not eat pork or drink wine and they regard as unclean the flesh of any animal not killed [by] themselves…” Muslim and Chinese historians as well, give an account of a delegation of emissaries of the third Khalifa of Islam, Umar ibn Al-Khattab, (may Allah be pleased with him). This entourage was led by Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas (may Allah be pleased with him) , a maternal uncle of the Holy Last Messenger, peace and blessing be upon him, and were well received by the emperor, who commissioned the building of the Memorial Mosque in Canton, the first mosque in the country. The Muslim enclave imported their way of life, i.e., their cultural trappings, language and dress, and lived apart from the Chinese population. Between the years 960 and 1279 C.E., Muslims had become very influential and prosperous in the import/export industry in China, and the numbers of Muslims continued to increase due to immigration of people from other lands, intermarriage, and conversion of native Chinese to Islam. During the era of the Yuan dynasty, the Mongol conquests carried Islam throughout distant places and resulted in the forced migration of vast numbers of Muslims from broadly diverse places and ethnicities (Arabs, Persians, Turks and others) with the intention by the government to use their skills and services to administer the expanding empire. 

The vast influx of people constituted merchants, artisans, artists, architects, engineers, medical doctors and astronomers, as well as soldiers and prisoners of war, and settlers who, by the hundreds of thousands, became permanently settled, developing into flourishing and proliferating communities. 

Over time, intermixing blended ethnicities and homogenized the population; through marriage, the Muslims passed down the Islamic religion and culture, which continued down generations. 

As the Mongols ruled China, many Muslims held prominent positions within the government hierarchy , one such being Umar Shams al-Din (Sayyid Ajall of Bukhara) an accountant under Qubilay Khan, who reigned during the Yuan Dynasty from 1259 to 1368, who became financial manager of Imperial funds and governor of Yunnan, along with a number of other Muslims who were appointed to lofty positions. He was held in high esteem as a pious administrator who promoted religious fairness. Yet, the native Chinese, in time, began to resent that fact of immigrants (and particularly Muslims) holding such high offices, discontent that would fuel the desire to recover the control of China from the Mongols. 

Marco Polo of Italy, close friend of Qubilay Khan, lived in China for nearly twenty years, and reported that Muslims lived throughout Yunnan, and noted that the entire capital city of Yunnan, Taifu, was inhabited by Muslims. The renowned Muslim traveler Ibn Battutah visited several Chinese coastal towns and expressed in his travelogue his elation at being shown such a ‘hearty welcome’ by his Muslim hosts, reporting that in each town, the Muslims resided in their own ‘quarter’ where their mosques were located and they freely practiced Islam. 

With the decline and expulsion of the remnants of the Mongol dynasty in the latter years of the 14th century, and the isolationist policy adopted by China at that time, Muslim communities experienced lack of growth and expansion. Having been cut off from dealings with other Muslims outside of China, the Muslims in some parts of the country began to adopt many of the cultural and customary mores of their hosts and merged with the Chinese population, producing an amalgamation of the two cultures. 

The new emperor of the Ming dynasty extended privilege upon these Muslims which promoted prosperity during the period between 1369 and the middle of the 16th century C.E., a sign of which was the construction of a great number of mosques. The emperors of the Ming dynasty developed amiable relations with the Muslim rulers to the west of their empire, and as Walker states, ‘there was frequent exchange of embassies between them.’ He continues to give an account of one Chinese Muslim ruler, Shah Rukh Bahadur, who sent an invitation to the Emperor to accept Islam when his ambassador arrived at Shah Rukh Bahadur’s court in Samarqand. He sent his envoy, who accompanied the Chinese ambassador back to China, with two letters, one of which was written in Arabic. The letter read as follows: “ In the name of God, The Merciful, The Compassionate. There is no god save God; Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the Apostle of God. The apostle of God, Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “ There shall not cease to be in my community people abiding in the commandments of God: whosoever fails to help them or opposes them shall never prosper until the Commandment of the Lord cometh. When the Most High God proposed to create Adam and his race, He said ‘I was a Hidden Treasure, but it was My pleasure to become known; I therefore created man that I might be known.’ It is manifest from hence, that The Divine purpose (great is His Power and exalted is His Word!) in the creation of man was to make Himself known and uplift the banners of right guidance and faith. Wherefore, He sent His Apostle (peace be upon him) with guidance and the religion of Truth that it might prevail over all other faiths, though the polytheists turn away from it, that He might make known the laws and ordinances and the observances of what is lawful and unlawful, and He gave him the Holy Qur’an miraculously that thereby, he might put to silence the unbelievers and stop their mouths when they discussed and disputed with him, and by His Perfect Grace and His All-Pervading Guidance, He has caused it to remain even unto the Day of Judgment. By His Power He has established in all ages and times and in all parts of the world, in east and west, and in China, a mighty monarch, lord of great armies and authority, to administer justice and mercy and spread the wings of peace and security over the heads of men; to enjoin upon them righteousness and warn them against evil and disobedience and lift up among them the banners of the noble religion...The Most High God thus disposes our hearts by His past mercies and His ensuing Grace to strive for the establishing of the laws of pure religion and the continuance of the ordinances of the shining path. He also bids us administer justice to our subjects in all suits and cases in accordance with the religion of the Prophet (peace be upon him) and the ordinances of the Chosen One, and build mosques and colleges and monasteries and hermitages and places of worship, that the teaching of the sciences and school of learning may not cease nor the memorials and injunctions of religion be swept away. Seeing that the continuance of worldly prosperity and dominion, and the permanence of authority and rule depend upon the assistance given to Truth and Righteousness and the extirpation of the evils caused by idolatry and unbelief from the earth, in the expectation of blessing and reward, we, therefore, hope that your Majesty and the nobles of your realm will agree with us in these matters and join us in strengthening the foundation of the established law.” 

The second letter, written in Persian, made a very direct, simple appeal: “ The Most High God, having in the depth of His Wisdom and the perfection of His Power, created Adam (peace be upon him),made some of his sons prophets and apostles and sent them among men to summon them to the Truth. To certain of these prophets, such as Abraham, Moses, David, and Muhammad (peace be upon them) He gave a Book and taught a Law, and He bade the people of their time follow the law and religion of each of them. All these apostles invited men to faith in the Unity and to the worship of [Almighty] God and forbade the adoration of the sun, moon, stars, of kings and idols; and though each one of these apostles had a separate law, yet, they were all agreed in the doctrine of the Unity of The Most High God. At length, when the apostolic and prophetic office devolved on the Apostle Muhammad Mustafa (peace and blessing be upon him) all other systems of law were abrogated. He was the apostle and the prophet of the latter age, and it behooves the whole world – lords and kings and ministers, rich and poor, small and great – to observe his law and forsake all past creeds and laws. This is the true and perfect faith and is called Islam.” The writer, the Muslim ruler Shah Rukh Bahadur, continued by relating the evolution of his ancesters , descendents of Ghengis Khan and relatives who came before him and how they had dispersed to varied lands where they assumed rule of the people of those places. He stated that some of them accepted Islam – Uzbek Khan, Chani Khan and Urus Khan. Hulaga Khan was given command over Khurasan, Iraq and the neighboring countries, and some of his sons who succeeded him received into their hearts the light of the law of Muhammad (peace be upon him) becoming Muslims and being honored with the blessedness of Al Islam, departed this world eventually. He continued by naming closer relatives of his – ‘the truthful king Ghazan and Ulyaytu Sultan and the fortunate king Abu Sa’id Bahadur, until my honored father, Amir Timur Gurgan, succeeded the throne. He too observed the law of Muhammad (peace be upon him)in all the countries under his rule, and throughout his reign the followers of the faith of Islam enjoyed prosperity. Now that by the goodness and favor of [Almighty] God , this kingdom of Khurasan, Iraq, Ma-wara’al nahr has passed into my hands, the administration is carried on throughout the whole kingdom in accordance with the pure law of the Prophet (peace be upon him)’ righteousness is enjoined and wrong forbidden, and the Yarghu and institutes of Chingiz (Ghengiz) Khan have been abolished... I hope that by the bounty and benevolence of God you too will observe the law of Muhammad, the Apostle of God (peace be upon him) and strengthen the religion of Islam so that you may exchange the transitory sovereignty of this world for the sovereignty of the world to come.” 

A Muslim merchant named Sayyid Ali Akbar wrote that at the end of the fifteenth and beginning of the sixteenth century he spent time in Peking and stated that in the city of Kenjanfu there were as many as 30,000 Muslim families settled there: “…they paid no taxes and enjoyed the favor of the Emperor, who gave them grants of land; they enjoyed complete toleration for the exercise of their religion, and in the capital itself there were four great mosques and about ninety more in the other provinces of the empire – all erected at the cost of the Emperor.” It is recorded that the Muslims in China lived there peacefully until the reign of the Manchu dynasty, when they were oppressed in the province of Kansu in 1648 and a revolt ensued. However, Walker states that not until the nineteenth century did any Muslim revolt in China result in seriously disrupting the good relations that the Muslims enjoyed with the Chinese Emperors, to the extent that the Emperor Yung Chen, in 1771, issued an edict stating that the Chinese Muslims were to be left alone, permitted full exercise of their religion and culture, which coincided with and respected the tradition and law of China - he stated, “ What more can be asked for? 

August 25, 2012

The 25th Silver Jubilee Banaatun Noor Ladies Summer Program, held from June 2nd to July 8th, in the tranquil Muslim village of Holy Islamville, in York, South Carolina, was the  culmination of the adventure of the rustic camping experience, the discovery of learning new,. practical and creative life arts and skills and the illuminating spiritual enlightenment that hundreds of ladies have been blessed to experience since the program’s establishment in summer of 1987.


Holy Islamville, South Carolina - The 25th Silver Jubilee Banaatun Noor Ladies Summer Program, held from June 2nd to July 8th, in the tranquil Muslim village of Holy Islamville, in York, South Carolina, was the  culmination of the adventure of the rustic camping experience, the discovery of learning new,. practical and creative life arts and skills and the illuminating spiritual enlightenment that hundreds of ladies have been blessed to experience since the program’s establishment in summer of 1987.
Twenty-five years ago, on this very hallowed ground, 75 Muslim ladies of all ages anxiously stood in a semi-circle formation around the front porch of the home of Syeda Najah Qadria (Allah’s mercy be upon her) and Baba Ali Abdur Rasheed.  The First Annual Banaatun Noor International (BNI) Ladies Retreat was nearing its close, and the participants excitedly awaited the highlight of that historic, exhilarating and enlightening  two-weeks of intensive classes in Islamic religious studies, life of the Holy Last Messenger and the fine arts of Islamic homemaking.
Finally, the telephone signaled that the call that everyone awaited was coming through from the luminary founder of the BNI ladies’ educational programs, the beloved Murshid and “Abu” -  His Eminence El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani.
The crystal clarity of the voice of the Imam of Muslims of the Americas and Vice Chancellor of the International Qur’anic Open University evoked the feeling that he was actually in our midst, though in reality being thousands of miles away.  His vision to inculcate thorough knowledge of the Islamic way of life and its practical application was realized as the participants studied the Islamic manual of life – the Holy Qur’an, and learned how to benefit from its sublime teachings, and derive maximum guidance and blessing by following its instruction in letter and spirit, as demonstrated by the Holy Last Messenger, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him.  
For twenty-five years, His Eminence El Sheikh Gilani has overseen and developed the programs of  Banaatun Noor International (translated ‘Ladies of Light’),  which has been instrumental in transforming the lives of hundreds of Muslim ladies by providing the keys to true success of this life and the next through comprehensive Islamic Education courses that focus not only on academics, but also on the etiquette and proper conduct expected in life as a daughter, mother, wife, and citizen.
As a direct descendant of the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, El Sheikh Gilani  always demonstrated the most distinguished of manners and decorum – that of the sublime character of Nabi Muhammad, peace be upon him, leading  the participants of  the educational programs for ladies - and the entire community as well- to form a bond of loving emulation of that most excellent example.
During the course of those twenty-five years,  the gem-seeds  planted by El Sheikh Gilani in this blessed village - the fourth-holiest place in the world - in the establishment of the Jamia Fatimah Mosque and School, and more recently, the Abdul Qadir Gilani Institute of Sufic Sciences, have been incessantly nurtured by his devoted, tireless and loving instruction, mentoring and guidance that has reformed two generations of  American Muslims from a state of  roughness and ignorance, to a polished, refined and enlightened existence.
His Eminence El Sheikh Gilani has always encouraged the ladies to follow the noble examples of the most blessed women of Islam, who all displayed exceptional courage, diligence in performing their duties, patient perseverance in difficulties, and abiding love and devotion to the Almighty Creator, urging each individual to study their lives and to choose a specific lady to emulate and to then strive to cultivate the honorable qualities she exhibited.  .
Unique to this camp, the 70 Silver Jubilee participants  were arranged into seven groups, as directed by His Eminence, in order for them to become more familiar with one another by preparing  a daily meal and eating together, thereby fostering a cohesive group spirit in their studies and daily activities.  Each group adopted the name of one of the pious ladies of our Islamic heritage, with 10 ladies under the banner of each of their respective names:  Hazrati Fatimah, the most beloved daughter of the Holy Last Messenger, peace be upon him, Hazrati Khadijah, his first and much-adored wife, the very astute and scholarly Hazrati Aisha, his youngest wife, Hazrati Amina, the pure mother of Nabi Muhammad, peace be upon him, the most generous Hazrati Zainab, Hazrati ‘Asiya, the wife of the Pharoah of Egypt who suffered torture due to her belief in the One Almighty Creator, and Hazrati Maryam, the blessed mother of the Holy Messenger Jesus - may Allah’s peace be upon them all.
The groups  remained together during classes, showing concern for the progress and welfare of each other.   This fostered community spirit and love between the ladies, reinforced the virtue of self-sufficiency as they learned how to make soap and other toiletries, fruit preserves, clay pottery, and other practical skills; it was a daily reminder to each participant of their charge to choose one of the pious ladies, learn about her, and make her a role model for her own life.
Thus, by the end of this very special retreat, the fortunate ladies of the 25th Silver Jubilee Summer Program, like diamonds, brilliantly reflected the luminescent rays of true light which they gained through the  compassionate attention, teaching, lectures and training of His Eminence El Sheikh Gilani  throughout the  camp’s 5-week duration.
As the participants entered the pavillion for the closing ceremonies, aligned in their groups behind colorful banners embroidered with the names of the most honored  heroines of Al Islam, every heart present felt a rush of emotion - proud of their accomplishments, grateful that they were so honored, renewed and emblazoned with the  resolve to fulfill their mission.
A ‘Ceremony of Thanks’ was conducted, with the Honorable Khadijah Begum K. Khalil and the Honorable Khadijah A. Raheem expressing, on behalf of Banaatun Noor International,  heartfelt thanks to the most important person our lives - His Eminence El Sheikh Syed Mubarik ali Gilani; an exquisite plaque was also presented. The melodious voices of the participants, in songs of tribute to El Sheikh, echoed the love and  gratitude of each participant, and  the entire community, for the unwavering dedication, sacrifice, and decades of tireless work of His Eminence El Sheikh Gilani to revive the practice of Al Islam throughout the world and infuse love of Almighty Allah, The Exalted and His Holy Last Messenger, peace be upon him,  into the hearts of all humanity.

Each participant of the auspicious 25th Silver Jubilee Ladies Program realized deeply their commitment and obligation to utilize and share their newly acquired and refreshed knowledge, and ultimate treasure  of wisdom that each heart extracted from the amazing experiences. The tremendous spiritual energy generated by the abundant Mercy, Forgiveness, and absolving Grace our Almighty Creator showered upon them filled  their innermost beings with the certitude of His Eternal Presence in the existence of His creatures; verified their understanding of how they must live the Islamic way of life - fully, passionately, joyfully, yet soberly aware that obedience to Almighty Allah, love and emulation of His beloved Holy Last Messenger, doing and enjoining of good, and  forbidding and abstaining from evil are the unfailing components of the formula for success in this life of testing and the abiding .reward of the real life hereafter.

February 6, 2011


Medical doctors in Brazil remain baffled as to how metal sewing needles were placed inside the body of another two-year old boy from Brazil, with zero evidence of digestion and no signs of an entry wound on the outside of his body. El Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Gilani, founder of the El Gilani Methodology (EGM), an innovative method of spiritual therapy and healing, said the rising cases all over the world are a clear sign of the practicing of occultism. “These needles were not swallowed. This is black magic and has become common now in villages of India, Columbia and Brazil”, says El Sheikh Gilani.


December 1, 2009

Sura Ya Seen is a very blessed, powerful, and effective Sura of Holy Quran, which reminds one of the goodness of this world and the Hereafter.
Anyone can pick up something and go through it, but very few people have paid attention to the way I will invite all of you toward Sura Ya Seen, elaborating on its background, its purpose, its message, guidance, warning, and the wisdom which is contained therein.