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    It has been recently reported by CNN that the new film in the Twilight movie series has induced in-theater seizures in many of the patrons who went to view it.  It was also CNN that last year reported that the film Avatar had a similar effect.  This phenomenon is not new however, for it has been connected to movies and video games in the past.  In 1997 thousands of school children reported to Japanese hospitals with epileptic activity as a result of watching an episode of the Pokémon cartoon.  The earliest of these incidents was reported in the 1980s when children playing the Nintendo gaming system began having seizures after playing a few of their games.  It occurred in such a frequency that it prompted the game maker to issue the following warning:   “WARNING: A very small portion of the population have a condition which may cause them to experience epileptic seizures or have momentary loss of consciousness when viewing certain kinds of flashing lights or patterns that are commonly present in our daily environment.…If you or your child experience any of the following symptoms: dizziness, altered vision, eye or muscle twitching, involuntary movements, loss of awareness, disorientation, or convulsions, DISCONTINUE USE IMMEDIATELY and consult your physician”.  

    As with all the above mentioned occurrences, the etiology was thought to be the same.  It is believed that all the people who suffered these seizures actually had a condition that predisposed them to epileptic activity.   Photosensitive Epilepsy(or PSE) , as it is called, is thought to be a result of these individuals being exposed to bright flashing patterns of red, black and white light.  It is estimated that 1 in every 5,000 people suffer from PSE but interestingly many of the afflicted never experience a seizure when exposed to these light configurations.

    Why is that?  If these people all have the same condition why is it that many people suffering from this supposed condition PSE have no seizure activity when exposed to these patterns of light? Extrapolating on this idea it is thus possible that this explanation is inaccurate.  The true explanation lies in a scientific method that has existed since ancient times.  It is called the Sufic Scientific Method and can provide a cure for and an explanation to the many incurable and unexplainable psychiatric maladies that exist.   

    It should be logical that psychology is not purely a science of the organic.  If it were there would not be so many tenets of its current practice grounded in theory.  Diagnosis of conditions would be definitive and treatments would be curative.  The problem is that many have strayed away from the true science of psychology—and its associated medical subspecialty psychiatry—in order to propagate a system in which the goal is to exploit people and make money.   The current dogma of science and medicine is at most inadequate in helping us understand these mental issues.  This being the case, diagnosing and treating mental ailments is extremely challenging and grave errors are made often—case in point the attribution of Post Avatar Depression to unfulfilled fantasies and the total attribution of epileptic seizures to flashing light patterns.    The International Quranic Open University (IQOU) has been working diligently to alert the public of the TRUE cause of these symptoms, namely possession by Jinns and the astonishing level of moral decay that exists in many societies around the globe.   Jinns are unseen entities that inhabit the world simultaneously with human beings, and often interact with them on different levels.  Sometimes the interactions are congenial but for the most part these exchanges have troublesome results.  Due to the current level of moral unrest in our society, the amount of negative interactions has escalated.  The Abdul Qadir Gilani Sufic Science Institute (or AQJ)—a special branch of the IQOU—has been developed to instruct students in the sciences of the soul and the unseen.  

    As a central purpose of the AQJ is to eradicate the scourge of mental disease from humanity, we have recently released a DVD titled Jinnology.  This discourse not only depicts the nature of Jinns—the causal organisms responsible for many mental disorders—it also contains healing for those who watch it.  

    Additionally the AQJ continues to conduct research and other scientific endeavors using the El Gilani Methodology (or EGM).   For those not aware, this is a treatment modality in which Quranic chapters and other spiritual exercises are prescribed for the treatment of non-physical or spiritual afflictions—for which mental disease is the predominate category.  EGM was scientifically demonstrated extensively at a hospital in Taif, Egypt in the late 1970s and continues to be confirmed by many examples today. This modality embodies the saying “never underestimate the power of words”!  As the number of successful scientific demonstrations of EGM continue to increase, the number of people seeking this treatment is also multiplying, but at a greater rate.  As such clinics are being established all over the globe to accommodate this increasing demand.  

    IQOU department of health and wellness are currently seeking to establish a center in Los Angeles, CA.  We are imploring all those who may treat mental patients, who are suffering from mental afflictions, who seek EGM, and the community at large, to assist us with this endeavor in whatever way that you can.  

    As members of this department have placed their lives in jeopardy and selflessly given their monies, time, and medical expertise at catastrophic disasters such as Ground Zero, Hurricane Katrina, and the devastating earthquake in Pakistan in 2005, we have done so with the charitable gifts of the community.  Please continue this openhandedness and support this venture for we are responding to this grave crisis whose stake is the mental health of all humanity.

    We are attempting to establish a fully equipped and fully staffed multipurpose clinic which will specialize in EGM, psychiatric counseling, childhood illnesses, prenatal care, and general well being. Through this new facility, medical assistance will be given to all that are in need.  The construction of the clinic is to begin immediately.

    With sincere appreciation on behalf of the IQOU Health and Wellness department to you all!

    Make checks and money orders payable to:
    Abdul Qadir Gilani Sufic Scientific and Psychiatric Clinic of Holy Islamberg
    2732B Roods Creek Road 
    Hancock, New York 13783 

    Payments may also be made via PayPal to:

    For other means please call (607) 467-1596 (BABAH G INTERPRISES)

  • The known world is full of deception.  What one sees with the naked eye is not necessarily what truly exists. Investigation and  research discoveries uncover pollution that is constantly brewing and  a number of unexplained illnesses that seem to  just pop out of nowhere to gain prevalence and fame.  Another observation is that after the said illnesses become famous, they usually strike on a personal level, afflicting acquaintances and family members. Yet, keep in mind that there is no such thing as a coincidence; a little deeper digging will uncover the truth.


    ADD/ADHD is classed as a mental disorder that is caused by a (food related) chemical imbalance.  Its symptons include for most persons, a great difficulty  to concentrate on more than any one thing for more than just a few moments.  Children and adults are being diagnosed with this illness, and they are taking (prescribed) drugs which only serve to mask the true culprit.There are many theories as to how this illness began.  Where did it come from?  Where is its future?  The initial report of this problem disease was published in 1902; at that time, it was entitled “morbid defect of moral control”.  In 1922, it was renamed  “post encephalitic behavior disorder”.  The name of this illness has changed at least 13 times.  Today, it is called Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  Quite a number of people believe it is an invented disorder created by engineers who produce diseases and disorders to justify, and  introduce prescription medications for profit and control purposes, “scientists who want to sell drugs”.

    Frankly speaking, in this computer age which is fast paced and geared to tantalize, stimulate, activate and tease the senses whether solicited or not, how can anyone not have ADHD? Moreover, what is said to be ADD/ADHD is most likely to be a case of over stimulation, due to a higher than normal degree of white sugar, junk foods, food additives, stress, and stimulants.  

      ADD/ADHD is a chronic problem.and is increasingly prevalent amongst children. Reports state that 44 million children in the United States have been diagnosed with it.  Out of those statistics, 2.5 million are on medication for it.

    Contact with or consumption of sugary and artificial foods, computers, cell phone, television, i-pods, and violent video games on a daily basis, are a good combination for emotional stress.  When these bad habits have been made routine, the decision to break them means gearing for a  fight.  

    ADD/ADHD can be cured for those who want to be cured.  It will require time and effort on the part of the patient.  There are very helpful herbs that can help calm down affected children.  Removing as many chemicals from the medicine cabinet is a good way to start.  .  

    One of the main, very damaging chemicals that is  hidden in processed foods is Tartrazine. It contributes to our many illnesses and also triggers ADD/ADHD . Tartrazine FD&C NO.5, is a yellow dye used in food coloring, known to cause asthma, hives, itching, eczema, itchy eyes, behavior changes, mood swings, sneezing, coughs, hoarseness, vomiting, diarrhea, sinus pain, runny nose, and of course ADD/ADHD.  Chickens are even fed this additive.You can find this ingredient in the following:

    Shrimp, candies, hot dogs, skim milk, Krafts macaroni & cheese, Mountain Dew, shampoo, vitamins, aspirin, breads, cake mixes, artificially colored drinks, tang, ice cream, butter/cheese, canned fruits and vegetables, cosmetics, lotions, and toothpaste.   

    However, ADD/ADHD can be cured in time with diligent watchfulness of what is eaten. Here is a list of helpful herbs; Kava kava, Valerian, ginkgo biloba, milk thistle, bilberry, catnip, hawthorn, hops, skull cap, lemon balm, gotu cola, Siberian ginseng, and ashwagandha. Below is a good herbal combination for immediate use:

    2 tsp catnip

    ½ tp hops flowers

    2 tsp

    fennel seed

    2 tsp chamomile flowers

    Combine all of the ingredients and give a cup of this tea after breakfast and after dinner daily.

    Taking  relaxing baths, and using essential oils of lanander, clary sage, peppermint, and orange blossom are also helpful. Additionally, removing all electronic devises from the sleeping area promotes restful sleep.  

    When a person has ADD/ADHD their melatonin and magnesium is usually very low, and adding these types of simple foods are healing and nourishing:  Roti, tea, organic onions, garlic, honey:  Also, drinking more water and quickly removing cereals, sugars and cakes from the diet will produce a more calm child. As always, natural foods are the best cure for any illness.

  • The miracles of our Lord are all around us in every facet of our daily lives.  The sun, moon, stars, trees, and the very essence of the human being are but a few examples.  It takes, however, a very special person to truly appreciate these things as miracles because for the lay person they are the usual parts of each day.  On the other hand, people don’t respond in similar fashion to clear cut miraculous events.  We are amazed and enthralled whenever we see planes landing on water, or sky divers surviving falls from planes without parachutes, or any of the other amazing things that we see that are out of the ordinary.

    For Muslims and Christians, when we see amazing miracles of a Divine nature, people all over the world get excited, and people travel far and wide to see them.  Such an event has occurred in recent months and there has been an ‘underwhelming’ response to view this wonder.  In a small upstate New York village, Almighty God has allowed His Personal Name to illuminate the wall of a place of worship.  It is “the greatest miracle sent in the history of mankind”, but the response to it has been lackluster at best.

    I started to ponder this as I perused an article online about a miracle in which the silhouette of a person praying appears at the entrance of a holy building every afternoon.  The article goes on to say how people from around the world have flocked to see this wonder.   That being the case, I contemplated on what could be the reason that streams of people are not flocking to upstate New York?  Why does it seem that people are unmoved, like someone who just witnessed a cloud for the millionth time?  Why do they not realize that the significance of this superb event is that Almighty God does hear our prayers and answers them?   I think I know.

    First, let me say a little more about the miracle.  On August 2, 2010, in the early morning hours, a group of young men had awakened to do late night prayer and one young man was awestruck to find that Almighty God’s Personal Name appeared on the wall.  It appeared on the oak paneling as though it was bubbling off the wall and it was emanating an intense light.  A few days after it appeared, while some of the young men were extolling Almighty God,  to their surprise the Name expanded.  It has been shining ever since it appeared.  At the time this magnificent event was unfolding I was in the clinic upstairs in the masjid fast asleep.  A few of my friends excitedly came upstairs and tried to explain what had occurred,  but their most enthusiastic expressions could not capture the feeling that overcame me when I saw this breathtaking miracle for myself.  As the news spread, a few people trickled in, but not the mass that I was expecting.  At first, I couldn’t fathom why; but as I ascertained from some people why they were absent, the reasons became somewhat clear. In the first place, many people were not aware.  So for those who are aware, you have the responsibility to spread the message to others.  Now, if you didn’t appreciate the magnificence yourself, it may be hard to portray the wonder to someone else.  This is understandable, but in that case, you have to revisit it without any expectations or prejudgments (i.e. you must visit it empty of preconceived notions) and I believe you will truly witness the power of this miraculous event.

    The next thing is that the Personal Name of Almighty God appeared in Arabic, and automatically, people believe that it only then applies to Muslims.  This could not be further from the truth.  Although it is in Arabic, Almighty God is still the One God and as such, all those who believe in Him owe it to themselves to witness His Name- no matter what the language.  Again, you will feel the effects, regardless of your religious denomination.  A somewhat similar miracle appeared many years ago in the small community of York, South Carolina.  Since then, a shrine was erected and many people of various faiths have enjoyed the healing effects of this holy place.  The event that occurred in New York is of a greater magnitude than this, so you can imagine the power of this marvel of Almighty God.

    I think the biggest reason is that people are looking so hard for tangible evidence that Almighty God exists.  In ancient times, people were amazed at the stars, the moon, and other aspects of nature, and this strengthened their belief in the Almighty Creator.  As man developed what is believed to be a better understanding of the world about him, we have man being percieved to be Divine, and thus lost our faith in our Divine Creator.  This has led to mankind not being impressed with nature anymore as evidence of the Almighty God.  Now, the thing about this is that if you trace our knowledge of creation back to its root cause you will see that ultimately the origin is Almighty God, anyway.  That being said, miracles don’t have the same ‘wow’ factor that they used to have, so it has to be something truly amazing to even cause people to do a double-take.

    Now, some people think , ‘how can they say that this is the biggest and greatest miracle ever shown to mankind’?  Well, the answer will help people, in general, when viewing miracles.  Whenever these things occur, do not let your eyes fool you, but instead follow your heart.  What this means is - try to avoid looking at the miracle and attempting to be amazed, but look at the effect that the miracle has on everything that surrounds it.  So, don’t look at how it makes you feel, but look for the effect it has on you. Whatever your religious affiliations and whether you believe in miracles or not, I want you to stop reading and reflect on the thing you love most in the world.  Now imagine that if we compiled that love for all of humanity, our total love would not amount to a speck of sand in the desert of the love that Almighty God has shown us by allowing His Personal Signature to—without interruption—emanate from this oak wall for all to see.  Don’t take my word for it. Put what I say to the litmus test.  With a clear heart, sit and internally ask Almighy God that if the claim is true that this is His personal signature, for Him to truly, and without a doubt, give you the inspiration and inclination to go see it.  I believe that you will see that your heart will draw you toward it, but your mind will tell you all the reasons not to go.  So remember to always follow your heart in this regard for it will never steer you wrong, but if you think too much your mind will always veer you wrong.  As always - Only by God, the Almighty and All Glorious, can we be healed.

  • My younger sister is a master gardener and is really into organic foods. We have conversations on many subjects and she believes she is correct most of the time.  During one of our discussions about milk,  she reported to me that someone told her that the Vitamin D in milk was derived from pig.  I thought about it and it didn’t make sense to me for that to be the case, I felt it was easier to get it from other sources.  Well, after a little research, it turns out that she was right.  Vitamin D comes from pig!  BUT, it also comes from other sources.


    Vitamin D is used by the body for the absorption of calcium, which is essential for the normal development of healthy teeth and bones. It also helps maintain adequate blood levels of calcium and phosphorus as well. This Vitamin also promotes the immune system’s natural defense and it may help to prevent or reverse coronary artery disease, preventing heart attacks. 

    Vitamin D3 is synthesized by the body via the skin after sunlight exposure; hence, its other name - the "sunshine Vitamin".  About ten minutes of sunshine 3 times weekly is adequate to produce the body's requirement of Vitamin D. For persons who live in areas with low sunlight or have skin conditions that preclude them from being in the sun, or for those who have conditions that expose them to low Vitamin D, it is necessary that they receive supplementation.  This is often accomplished by taking tablets by mouth or by acquiring it in foods that we eat. 


    The most common source of Vitamin D is milk. In nature, cow’s milk already contains Vitamin D, but the amount is usually significantly insufficient for our daily requirements. Additionally, it is only whole milk that retains its innate Vitamin D, for the other milks are produced by having the fat removed and thus stripping the milk of its natural Vitamin D. This then, necessitates that the milk be fortified. It is  usually in one of two forms, namely Vitamin D2 or Vitamin D3.  D2 is derived from yeast, while D3 is usually a product of animal slaughter.   D2 is bitter so the industry has been opting to primarily use D3.  D3 for fortification is usually produced  from cow, pig or sheep. But the normal source for Vitamin D3 is the skin of the cow, and the cow is slaughtered. Pig skin is hardly used because of the Jewish lobby, says one source.


    Another source is the lanolin from sheep's  wool,  The sheep is not slaughtered, but simply shaven to acquire the wool and the lanolin is synthesized from the wool fat. The diligent research done by my sister and I revealed that there are a few manufacturers that confirmed the use of Lanolin for D3 production and they are as follows:


    ∙ Kroger (organic)              ∙ Food Lion (organic)              ∙ Horizon (organic)

    ∙ Kirkland (organic)            ∙ PET (all lines)                       ∙ Wal-Mart (all lines)


    It appears that lanolin may be the major source of D3 in foods, but you can never be certain.  Milk was the major product research, but it appears that Cabot cheese also uses lanolin.  Other dairy products will be researched at a later date.  

    As we move forward, we are all attempting to improve our performance in the ways of daily life practices.  We were told in the past that if we checked all labels, then we may find that their will be little that we would be able to eat.  The caveat that I ask everyone to consider is that on this spiritual journey one thing that is known to muddle the condition of the heart is the consumption of unlawful food. I will keep everyone abreast  as more information becomes available.  As always only by Allah, Almighty and Glorious is He, can we be healed!



    The Islamic Post has devoted many articles to the subject of interfaith relations, because the importance of this idea is tantamount to the survival of mankind.

      We are living in a time where there are forces that are relentless in their resolve to destroy the fabric of humanity by causing strife between all of the major religions in the world, particularly between Christianity and Islam. The Muslims of the Americas are equally unyielding in their determination to prevent this inevitable clash by stressing the undeniable truth - that we are all one family.

      As such, every year, the United Muslim-Christian Forum (UMCF) holds a rally, during which Muslims and Christians have interfaith dialogue about many subjects, especially the inseparable, Divine link between our faiths.  The theme of the discussion this year was to present various points related to our beliefs about the second-to-last Holy Messenger of Almighty God, Jesus, son of blessed Mary and his mission, in order to establish a better understanding between the followers of Jesus, and the followers of the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, may the peace and blessings of Almighty Allah be upon them.

      This year’s featured speech, given by the Honorable Khalifa Hussein Adams, revealed that the word ‘importance’ is not strong enough to stress how vital interfaith dialogue is.  It is absolutely imperative that we understand how connected we are - for the sake of the survival of humanity.

      Contrary to current perceptions, Muslims believe in the Old and New Testament.  However, we know that a group of people, known as the Bani Israel (tribe of Israel), corrupted the Bible and as well changed the laws in the Torah.  Allah sent Jesus son of Mary to restore the law and propagate the truth.  In order to thwart his mission, there were people among the Jews who brought to their Roman masters false allegations of sedition and rebellion against Jesus son of Mary.  Today, there are groups within Islam and Judaism who do the same.  A key concept in promoting this divide between Muslims and Christians is the idea of the Trinity. Like the essential books that guide our faiths, this idea was altered by the same group of people.

    As Jesus is a role model for the Sufis, one great Sufi saint, Muhayyudin Ibn Arabi, may Allah be pleased with him, said of the ‘Nasaara’, or followers of Jesus, that they are not polytheists, but in fact, they worship three manifestations of One and the Same Almighty God.  The trinity, then, actually represents three aspects of one Almighty God, and not three individual deities. An analogy is like a single path that is divided into 3 parts.  Some see 3 separate roads and some see 3 lanes on the same road. This difference is, in fact, the very essence exploited by the devil, or Shaitan, whose very name means ‘to divide’, and he attempts to divide man’s belief in the Oneness of God, which is perpetuated, and manifested, as a division amongst mankind.  He wants us to be separate, as a whole, so that it undermines our trust in the bond of fellowship of humanity, and our belief in Almighty God.   

      There are people who have strayed from the message of Almighty God’s unity cultivated and disseminated by Jesus, peace be upon him.  This has been done with the intended purpose of causing discord.   Sects of so-called Jews and Muslims (namely Wahhabis and Salafis), propagate their own agendas, with the clear purpose of instigating conflict between these inseparable faiths.  These people cannot then be considered representative of their particular faiths, in that they do not demonstrate the belief of unity as exhibited by the practices of Jesus and the Holy Last Messenger Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them.  This means they, in fact, have the label of faith, but not its essence.  This is not being said to promote strife, but it is truly out of love that this clarification is presented so that the wayward masses can gain understanding which will enable them to truly embody their beliefs, making apparent the message of true unity these faiths intend.  

      It is then not conceivable that a group of true Muslims would hold a rally damning Christians and likewise unthinkable for true Christians to hold conferences in which they attempt to establish Islam as a religion of terror.  These gatherings and their sponsors do nothing but continue to perpetuate conflict.

      It is crucial to our very existence that we come together and talk about what makes us the same, as opposed to what makes us different.  

      Love for all does not mean that we accept discord and conflict and the division they cause.  Essential to this message of love and harmony, is that we are united in the idea that we are ‘all God’s children’, and that those who attempt to create the wedge of difference have simply lost their way.  They are content with merely saying they believe, but offer no evidence of this claim. So the added benefits of interfaith discussions is that not only are we highlighting our similarities, we are identifying those who attempt to divide us and as well, give them a chance to find their way back to the true community Jesus, peace be upon him, intended.  

      So - the answer is yes!  You are your brother’s keeper and as he goes, so shall you.  We are thus required to come together in interfaith dialogue so that we come to realize that we are all children of Almighty God.  

      Failure to attain to this idea will lead to the ultimate destruction of humanity, so inter-faith discussions are not merely a choice - they are an obligation.  

    And as always, only by God, the Almighty and All Glorious, can we be healed.  

  • Today we live in a world where hate and oppression are rampant and the forces behind it all are increasing their efforts to ensure that this state remains.  There are agencies and organizations whose goal is similar to that of Satan, in that they attempt to incite an epic clash between members of all of the different religions with the emphasis being on Christianity  and Islam.



    I have never had more than a passing interest in politics; however, since the beginning of the Obama administration I have begun to pay a little more attention. One of the fundamental topics on the forefront, of both election campaigns, was healthcare. The core of the issue is how involved should government be and who, exactly, is best served. On the surface it seems that President Obama believes that the millions of people who live in America will be guaranteed healthcare if their leader (i.e. the federal government) directs healthcare decisions. Mitt Romney, on the other hand, appeared to be suggesting that businesses such as insurance companies should be able to employ the same free enterprise practices they currently enjoy and that if all Americans don’t get healthcare - so be it.

    Of the many things in life that directly correlate to one another, applying the free enterprise business model to healthcare is not among them. If all decisions involving healthcare are viewed in terms of what best serves insurance companies and the like, then on some level, patient outcomes are affected. Usually the outcome is multi-factorial, some are good and some are bad; but in the end, if you ask the patient, their needs are often not met. When one takes this conservative approach, ultimately the bottom line is that healthcare businesses are primarily served. If, on the other hand, you liberally approach medicine as an inalienable right of every citizen, the perspective of President Obama, then people become important and their healthcare is enhanced. On the conservative side, the idea is that if you centralize the process and let the government control healthcare, it will somehow hamper the enterprise of medicine and ruin the incentive that money provides to make a company strive to be the best and offer the most to it’s patients. Frequently, what actually happens is that the enticement of monetary gain undermines the idea of “patient first” in the company view and drives the endeavor to make more money.

    To elucidate my point, I will describe a scenario that played out all too often in our household when I was growing up. My mother would bring home a very delectable snack like a pack of Oreo cookies. If she was extremely tired or had her focus elsewhere, she might open the cookies and leave us to our own devices as to how they were divided up. In this situation, the younger or physically inferior siblings would frequently not have the benefit of this delicious confection. An alternate scene would be that my mother would elect two of the older siblings to have the task of allocating the cookies to everyone else. This consistently resulted in an uneven distribution of cookies to a favorite sibling or one who would benefit the distributor. Most often was the scenario in which my mother would oversee the division of cookies. For the overall family dynamic this worked out best in that all children received cookies, although some individuals were not entirely happy with their allotment.

    If each individual state in the union is left to its own devices, the overall effect is that the cohesiveness of the idea of “United States” is undermined and the least amount of people benefit. If the power of the federal government is relegated to the House and the Senate, then those states that have the most say in the healthcare industry will likely receive the most in regards to healthcare benefits. If however, the Office of the President is one that truly cares about the people entrusted to him, then beyond doubt the overall dynamics of the United States is best served and we all benefit in the end. And as always, Only by God, the Almighty and All Glorious, can we be healed!

  • Turn on any television or open any newspaper and you can’t help but notice the escalating Islamophobia that exists in America and abroad. Cleverly disguised as campaigns against terrorism, the various media outlets broadcast this manufactured fear around the world.


    President John F. Kennedy said: “Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation.”  

    This quote embodies the true spirit of learning, in that we should be acquiring knowledge for the betterment of society and not the propagation of self.  In America, our current approach to education is in total contrast to this idea, as we have become a society that has yielded to promoting individual aspirations in the acquisition of knowledge.  This trend has served to weaken our society and will ultimately lead to our demise if not corrected.  To begin addressing any problem, one must recognize its root.  The core of this crisis lies in the prevalent ideas that govern our society namely Materialism and Capitalism.